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Pearl Harbor - 70 Years Today





Hard to believe it's been 70 years since Pearl Harbor! I don't know why, but recall the 50th anniversary well.

I recall a grandfather telling the story of how he learned of the bombing. He was in high school soon to graduate. Shortly after doing so, he and some friends marched down the Naval office and signed up. He ended up serving on a jeep carrier that was sunk off the coast of the Philippines. He survived, spending 3 days in the water. He was patriotic going in to the service, wanting to help his country, but after being out, the way he would humorously tell stories, I had the opinion he didn't think well of how the Navy was run.

My other grandfather was older and was able to sign up for the Merchant Marines. The job was to be easier and safer he thought. He had 2 young kids at home at the time. In the end the opposite became true. More Merchant ships were lost than any others.

Thought this an interesting video. It is a CBS radio broadcast during a game, announcing Pearl Harbor had been attacked.

"Pearl Harbor: 70 Years Ago"



A man who dies fighting some other man's battle is a man who has died in vain.

When such events occur it will be necessary to make up lies to tell his family -- specifically, how his actions were heroic and helped to protect peace and our "way of life".

They are merely pawns but oh, how they will be lamented with flowery prose at their graves.


Thanks. The link to the Time Magazine stuff on Pearl Harbor is very interesting.