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Pear-Shaped Friend Needs Help


Okay, so one of my friends is just getting started in weight lifting. He's pretty out of shape and as stated before, has a pear-shaped body. I've been asked to give him a program for him to follow for the first month or so of lifting.

After reading the stuff on this site for a couple months and from personal experience, I've decided to start him off with bodyweight exercises only. Right now, I want him doing pushups, pullups, and inverted pushups(dips). Is there any thing else I should add? What kind of day by day scheme should I put him on?


Bodyweight squats,split squats. Never, no matter what your doing neglect the legs!


Wow, I'd totally forgotten about legs. I'll be sure to teach him how to squat and get him on that as soon as possible.


Is he truely pear SHAPED, in the sense that he has wide hips and narrow shoulders, or is it more of a bodyfat issue? It sounds like he may need to get his diet in order.


Lunges are nice for legs also.


i lost 20 pounds over 6 pounds from not drinking soda and having fastfood. I didn't even get much excersise besides that...

Start out with a good diet and cardio. Make sure he sticks to it, fat people are very sneaky about what they eat... well i was :slight_smile: I'm still a bit chubby, but i'm just glad my fat's going away :slight_smile: