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peanuts Vs. mixed nuts

Hey All,
Quick question. I know JB advises that people should steer clear of peanuts and stick with mixed nuts because of the possibility of an alergic reaction. Is that the “only” reason? What happens if you aren’t allergic to peanuts…are they still a decent choice for daily fat/protein intake?? I dont know about eveyone else, but I love peanuts and when I buy mixed nuts I hate cashews and pecans…so I would just rather stick with my peanuts. However, if there is another logical reason (other than allergies) to stay away from peanuts, than I am all ears. See ya…Tony G

I think JB is against peanuts because they have a fat profile that is inferior to most other nuts like almonds and walnuts. I think too many Omega 6’s… Honestly it’s not that big of a deal (if you supplement with flax/fish oil) and doesn’t stop me from eating them, just be carefull because they can add up the calories real quick.

I believe peanuts have a greater carb content then other nuts like almonds etc. I also have a harder time controlling my eating when it comes to peanuts since they’re so easy to overeat…at least for me. And also from what I remember I think peanuts have amount of Omega 3’s compared to walnuts.

Tony…I never use the store-bought mixes…what I do is make my own “home brew” of mixed nuts.

I get big bags of raw walnuts and almonds from Sam’s, and then I also throw in cashews, brazil nuts and macadamias (all raw). Pretty tasty and a nice variety…just gotta be careful not to go overboard. Doesn’t take long to get more than 1/4 cup!!

I’m not sure what the answer is re: peanuts, but since this type of question has come up regarding nuts before, I thought I’d post this table with the macros for those interested. The numbers come from fitday.com.

Nut Protein Carbs Fat Sat Poly Mono Fibre Serv Size
Almond 30.48 26.62 72.91 5.58 17.46 46.45 16.28 1 cup
Brazil 20 17.9 92.7 22.62 33.78 32.2 7.5 1 cup
Cashew 20.97 44.79 63.5 12.55 10.74 37.42 4.11 1 cup
Filberts 20.18 22.5 82.01 6.03 10.69 61.66 13.1 1 cup whole
peanuts 34.57 31.4 72.5 10.06 22.91 35.97 11.68 1 cup whole
pecans 9.9 14.97 77.73 6.67 23.32 44.03 10.37 1 cup whole
pistachios 12.32 16.23 26.52 3.2 8.02 13.97 5.97 1 cup in shell
walnuts 18.28 16.45 78.25 7.35 56.61 10.72 8.04 1 cup

In the interest of seperating carbs and fat, how is eating peanuts logical? They contain a pretty good balance of carbs and fat.

I believe that the carbs in nuts are similar to those in veggies in the fact that there insulin raising affects are nill, with that in mind chomp away, personally I am a fan of nut butters, and Cashew butter has been calling my name for quite some time now

Bah, peanut butter’s one of my favorite foods. I’ve eaten it nearly everyday for years. I even have it on cheat days. :slight_smile:


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