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Peanut Oil?

Iv read that Chik-fil-a fries their chicken in peanut oil.

Supposedly this reduces cholesterol levels in the food.

I was just curious as to if you could consider the fat in foods fried in peanut oil to be “healthy fats”

I know its a stretch, but I figured it was worth asking.

IMO NO its a modified oil for there purpose and is used LONG term


Peanut oil is certainly healthier than the oils typically used, and it is suitable for high-heat frying. But as Phill said, they likely use the oil for many batches of fries before dumping it, and this continual reheating greatly reduces the value of the oil.

If you’re looking for a safer oil for frying, I’d suggest coconut oil.

It has the highest stability in high temperature and thus doesn’t end up deforming into trans fat.