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Peanut Love


Peanuts absofuckinlutely rock!
Who's with me?


Sorry not my favorites. (Almonds FTW)
Except at the ballpark where they instantly become number one.

And I'll NOM the hell out of some peanut butter.


Just when I was starting to think you were perfect......


My Top 5 Nuts:

1) Males
2) Cashews
3) Macadamia (in cookies of course)
4) Almonds
5) Walnuts

Hmm, not even in the Top 5 :confused:


But peanuts are not even REAL NUTS!

(I'm 99% sure they are legumes)


I was really confused at number one because I read it in my head: "Mall ehs"


now you can be 100% sure.



Though I do love peanut BUTTER.


NOM some almond butter. it tastes so damn good. peanut butter has fallen to a distant 2nd place.

almond chocolate calzones

but I do like cajun boiled peanuts


They most certainly do...


I really think cashews are also legumes.



I love almonds or walnuts, soaked in a bowl of water overnight. Amazing, way better than just dry.

If you love almonds:

Pan roast them (dry, not soaked, duh) until they just start to "burn" (they'll turn dark) and then squeeze some lemon or lime juice (I prefer lime) and then sprinkle some salt. Let them COOL or you'll burn your damn tongue.

The roasting should be done over low heat and may take 10-15 minutes; watch them either way to check their color.

One of my favorites that my relatives send from overseas:

If you split open apricot pits, you'll find little white seeds. You have to boil these in water to remove the taste of bitterness (boil for maybe 15 minutes) and then let them air dry. I think they are meant to be boiled several times, each time changing water (this is to remove bitterness).

Once air dried, you pan roast these over LOW heat until they start to brown. Remove from pan, put in a bowl and sprinkle a bit of salt. Let them COOL for like 45 minutes (because they have oils which hold heat for a while). BEST fucking beer nuts you will ever have.


Why is everyone stealing my favorite edible nut?

Cashews are MINE! Why don't you guys find some pistachios or something? :slightly_smiling:


Go eat a sack o' nuts, Nikki.



Roasted chestnuts!
During the winter time there are lots of these little carts where people roast and sell chestnuts around here. It's great!


Sure, will you like to stand on a chair or something to help me out, Dwarf :wink:


I like walnuts best. But I don't crack them with my ass.


Oh my!