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Peanut Flour....Low Fat Alternative to Peanutbutter?

Has anyone tried playing with Peanut Flour? Does it taste similar to peanutbutter? Does it mix well in shakes? I love peanuts but was looking for a natural low-fat alternative (almost all low fat peanutbutter has hydrogenated veg. oils). I have found a brand that is 12/7/3 protein/carbs/fat. Thanks in advance.

Do you mean the PB2 stuff? It doesn’t “taste” the same as Peanut Butter, but there is a LOT that you can do with it - mix it (mixes okay) in shakes for some peanut buttery goodness, baking, etc.

There are a lot of old ladies on the internet who have loads of recipes using it as well.

Specifically I was refering to this product or something similar:

Can’t say I’ve had it, but it looks similar to the PB2 brand nutrition wise, which I believe was also just flour. If you get it, I certainly hope you like it since there’s 5 pounds of it!

Why would you be avoiding the regular peanut butter?
Please don’t tell me you are doing that because it has too much fat!!

Because in the quantities I tend to consume it…it does. I’m pretty fit and know my goals. Four servings of peanut butter doesn’t fit well in my diet.