One of my fav foods to eat is peanut butter. I like the natural kind with no added salt. Just plain & natural. I remember reading in one of my old Clarence Bass books that he limited himself to 2 tbls. a day. So that what I have been doing too for awhile now. Is it alright if I have more, say 4 tbls. a day? I’m very active; lots of tennis ( I’m a tennis pro ) lift like a maddman, lots of sprinting at the local track & I’m overall way of eating is superb. What type of an affect will that much peanut butter have on my body? I read recently that nut are good for you nuts. So I thought I would increase it some. Who else likes peanut butter?! Got any good ways of using it in the kitchen, desserts, etc?

I know I am not answering your question but I want to add on another question to the T-mag ppl…

What is SPLENDA?? I know u can add it to peanut butter and stuff but what is it?

If I wasn’t such a fat bastard I would be having peanut butter all day, everyday with every meal, on everything, in everything or just scooped out by the spoonful, so yes you could say I too like PB, in fact I even made enquiries at one stage about getting a PB machine for home. As for recipes sorry no help. My understanding is that the only negative thing with nuts is the high calorie density (refer to t-mag article a couple of weeks ago)

Hey I love peanut butter too! I like the smucker’s chunky kind and sometimes I even get some more chopped peanuts and mix them in to make it even more chunky…talk about a peanut butter addiction. But I’m like you in the fact that I limit myself to a couple of tablespoons per day. REally as long as you’re not eating lots of junk carbohydrates with it you should be ok. Being mostly fat peanut butter has a negligible effect on insulin levels. As far as other recipes…I don’t even want to start thinking about them…I love peanut butter enough as it is and having lots of delicious recipes running through my head won’t help that any!

I mix 1 tbsp. Adam’s brand natural PB into my protein shakes for a P+F meal. Otherwise, I eat it right off the spoon and wash it down with skim milk. I have to watch, because I’ll eat half a jar in one sitting if I’m not careful. I don’t cook or bake with it, mainly because I’m lazy and it tastes so good by itself.

It depends on what you’re eating in the same meal, and what else you’re eating for the day. Don’t want your fat to be too high, and don’t want to be eating carbs with the PB. Oh, and make sure you’re eating some extra protein with that.

peanut butters great!!Short history, mid 30 power lifter. Changing my ways. MRP shakes and Charles Poliquin workouts. So one way I get my peanut butter fix. I take my after workout shake and use fat free milk, water(thin mpr for your taste) drop in your peanut butter, blend up. I use a hand held blender and mix everything in on big glasse. thats vanilla mrp.

Bass adheres to a low-fat diet. Ironically, you can find on his site a couple of updates about his consuming more fat in the form of flax and the subsequent improvement on his lipid profiles. It’s too bad he hasn’t put two and two together or perused any of the more recent literature. He’s an inspiration though; that’s for sure!

To answer the above question, Splenda is an artificial sweetener. No long made out of aspartame, the main ingredient is now sucralose, and very sweet chemical(for lack of a better word) made from normal sugar. It’s got 0.5 g of carbs per 5ml serving, as opposed to 4 for sugar. I’ve never tried peanut butter, for some reason I always thought I hated it. But on my next trip to the grocery store I’ll pick some up. Best brand suggestions? Whoever said PB for post workout, I suggest dropping it as it dulls the insuling spike you get from the skim milk.

personally, I limit myself to 7 tbl spoons of PB a day. But that doesn’t mean I go to the max everyday. That’s only on my bulking phase though. When I diet, I try not to eat PB at all.

Ohhh dear sweet peanut butter…my reason for existence. I have one question, where do I purchase some peanut butter pie like I had when I lived in Georgia for awhile(I’m in the Northwest)?? Nate Dogg…somebody…please!!!

There’s nothing wrong with peanut butter. If you get the natural kind (the kind you need to mix up cause the oil seperates out) there is little to no sugar and the fat is mostly good fat (although the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio isn’t perfect it’s a pretty good source). The main thing to worry about is the calories, since there is quite a bit of fat in peanuts the calories add up quickly. As far as recipies, a tablespoon in your protein shake is quite good, some can also be mixed in with your oatmeal in the morning. As and added note, you can lessen the amount of fat, by pouring out the layer of oil that separates out, instead of mixing it in (that’s usually cheaper than buying the reduced fat varities. And if you would like more protein in your butter, there is a product on the market called “Peanut Wonder”, which is low fat and higher protein. Best of luck.

Shucky, where in the Northwest are you at? I live in MT and have traveled enough around this neck of the woods to possibly point you in the right direction. If not, then I know my sister has a killer recipe. Later…

A recipe, surely you jest?! That would be quite dangerous to my appetite…I NEED it(pleeeease)! I live in Washington by the way.

Shucky, I’ll see what I can do. My sister lives in WA too, by the way. But don’t get any ideas.