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Peanut Butter

I realize that natural peanut butter is better than supermarket peanut butter because of trans-fats, but I have a dilemma. I eat in a dining hall which only has supermarket type peanut butter, and it is the only real source of monounsaturated fats there. Furthermore, I can eat as much of it as I care/can. What should I do? Suck it down or suck it up and go buy the natural stuff (well, if I’m buying, I’d probably just get mixed nuts)?

The problem with the supermarket stuff, as you call it, is not only the added trans fats but also the added sugar or corn syrup. When getting the natural pnut butter look for the ingredients to say simply peanuts.

Hope that helps.


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Raw nuts and seeds would be a good option for you. Another option is some high-quality olive oil since it won’t spoil at room temperature.

If you are going to get the peanut butter anyway, Smuckers as a “Natural” version of their peanut butter and its reasonably priced. The oil settles up at the top and its labelled “No trans-fats” for what its worth. You should be able to find that at the supermarket in the peanut butter section. Other than that, some supermarkets I go to whip up their own and its super-fresh; not sure if you would have luck in this regard. I generally get the Smuckers “Natural” anyway.

Choosy mothers choose Jif. Of course none of them are much to look at…:slight_smile:

The Adams natural stuff is pretty easy to find and not expensive. If you keep flipping it over from top to bottom and back each time you use it it doesn’t seem to separate as fast.

It all depends on what kind of diet you’re on. The only reason why I use the “all natural” stuff is because I eat it before bed. The other types have added oils and icing sugar to help keep the peanut oil suspended. Those added calories from the other types would KILL me at night. But to answer your question, if you REALLY need peanut butter in your diet, then slam down whatever you have access to.

After mixing the oil in, try keeping it in the refrigerator. That will keep the oil & pb together. Of course, it’s tougher to spread, but you can warm in the microwave to soften it up.
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Anyway try adding a little Splenda to their natural BP?
It tastes delicious. just like Jif or whatever brand isnt good for you but tastes good