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peanut butter

i am currently trying to lose fat and i cant stop having 1-2 pb sandwhiches a day
i use 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread and natty PB.
i usually have one at around 3pm and one around 7pm
should i stop eating them, will i store fat b/c of this?

Well…some people on the form do not mix fat and carb because it tends to cause fatness per massive eating protocol by JMB.

If it will stop you from having other cheat meals, keep eating it.

 Mixing fats and carbs has been shown to have a compounding effect on insulin release. This means yes, your body will be set into a fat storage mode.

 A rule I always follow when trimming down is: on my Carb+protein meals, the max fat ammount is no more than 5 grams. For fat+protein meals, the max carb ammount is 5 grams as well.

 Most importantly, why are you eating a carb dense meal at 7 pm, WHILE trying to lean down? Do you work out after 7 pm? I would never recommend doing what you do to someone who is attempting to lean down.

 I also take it you havent read T-Dawg diet yet. Either of the versions of T-Dawg diet explicitly and clearly point out your carb intake is to be strictly controlled, and kept to VERY low ammounts. T-Dawg II, the most lenient of the two, states there are only TWO times when you should ideally have a decent ammount of carbs - your first meal of the day, and  your post workout meal. Anything more and your shortchanging yourself when it comes to noticeable results.

  Bodybuilding and weightlifting are a challenge. They dont come ease, and you can see that in all those that quit before its time to reap the rewards. Without discipline, commitment, and knowledge you're bound to break. 

  Read the T-Dawg diet articles, both of them. Search among the vast number of articles for  the ideal workout for your goals. A routine designed to gain strength is not your best route if youre exclusively concerned with getting a 6 pack. Choose the one for YOU. 
  Finally, follow it through. No discipline, no reward, remember that. There is no magic pill but youre very own hard work, knowledge and discipline, no matter what the roided out guys (or gals brrrrrr) tell you.

Dude how old are you? What grade are you in?

Put down that damn PB&J and eat some red meat like a real man.

Why not just save the PB&J for a cheat meal or 2 one time per week.


I’ve had the same problem with kentucky fried fudge cake. I can’t help myself, I keep cramming pieces into my face. Then my face gets dirty, so I have to lick it off, 'cause, ya know, wasting water is bad.

Wheat bread, in terms of calorie content and insulin response, differs little from white bread. Natural peanut butter, however, is actually quite good for you.


yes, mixing carbs and fats will make you store fat more than other meal combinations. maybe throw some extra cardio and keep eating the foods you like.

yeah what jackass said

i am 17
i eat 2 skinless boneless chiken breats everyday at 5 and i cant last without eating again until i go to sleep, so i figure i should eat somethin with some protein, i thought whole weat bread was fine to eat cuz the carbs were non sugar, so i figured a PB sandwhich would do…
guess i was wrong

Originally posted by maco-whatever his name is:

“i am 17
i eat 2 skinless boneless chiken breats everyday at 5 and i cant last without eating again until i go to sleep, so i figure i should eat somethin with some protein, i thought whole weat bread was fine to eat cuz the carbs were non sugar, so i figured a PB sandwhich would do…
guess i was wrong”

Dude… maco… what’s the deal? You eat dinner at five and that’s it? I mean you wanna get lean you still gotta eat, and definitely, if you wanna get big, you gotta eat… so either way… ya gotta eat and lots… you should be eating every two to three hours unless you buy into some of those caveman starve all day eat til you get the shits diets at night. What are your goals man? Eat already… and where’s the carbs? And the good fats? You just eat skinless chicken breasts? What does that have to do with anything about peanut butter? And yeah, peanut butter is great stuff, but of course too much fat is not good, then again during bulking I might add some in a shake at night or something, but damn man… bulking ain’t about getting fat… it’s about packing on quality mass, and if I’m craving peanut butter so much, then I’ll eat a peanut butter protein bar, I mean, unless you are poor and all you have to eat is peanut butter, lay off the peanut butter and eat more food, food as in protein, carbs, etc… and yeah, peanut butter has protein, but you can’t eat at least your body weight in protein from just peanut butter unless you wanna be a shapeless powerlifter, which cool… some people dig that and I like powerlifting techniques my own damn self, but hell, I’m just in the iron business to get stronger, look better, feel better, get laid, etc… so hell if i know your goals as you didn’t state what they were. Maybe you want to sumo wrestle… eat all the peanut butter you can get your hands on chanko style brother… so…

brock thats not all i eat i was just saying after im done dinner i cant last until bedtime so i eat a PB sandwhich. i eat 2 eggs and toast for breakfast, numerouse things for lunch,
with almonds, pb sandwhiches, eggwhites, 2 protein shakes a day, and chiken breast.
i do eat every 2-3 hours, plus 12 glasses of water a day

and im trying to lose fat, not bulk…

i may have got the wrong impression but it seemed like you said you have 2 eggs w/ toast for breakfast (protein~ 14grams) yet you have 2 chicken breast for dinner at 5 (about 100gram protein).
Bro get back to the drawing board.
find out what your total intake of protein is and divide it evenly throughout the day. Have some protein before bed (maybe one of those chicks tits) so you dont atrophy over nite.
And dinner at five?!?! whats wit that?
do you live at an old persons resthome?

‘Chicken tits,’ Whetu?

[raises eyebrow]


I don’t know, I kind of liked the chicken tits comment…

As for the original poster, I’m going to try to be kind here. [Girds himself not to be to flamingly sarcastic…]

Okay, I think I’m ready. Bud, you’re barking up the wrong tree, diet-wise. Read everything on this site written by John Berardi - everything - and then take a look at what you’re eating. You’ll see that there is vast room for improvement.

As far as concrete suggestions go, it’s a little hard to tell because we don’t know when you go to bed. I’m assuming that it’s going to be somewhere around 11:00, though. If so, try eating one chicken tit with some peanut butter at 5:00, then another chicken tit with more peanut butter at 8:00, then some cottage cheese with a shot of whey protein before you go to bed. That’ll help you to meet your protein requirements (and yes, you need a LOT if you’re trying to diet successfully) while still preventing you from starving and taking care of your PB fetish.

[There, was that good?]

holy shit im 17! my mom makes me dinner at 5 damn im gettin raped over here and all i asked was should i eat PB or not!

Eat all the PB you want!.. just ditch the bread and PB combo. Read up on diet/nutrition articles in archive(massive eating guidlines are very helpful).

Natural PB is a good source of healthy fats and protein, though I wouldn’t recomment you eat it with carbs. As outlined in numerous articles and comments within the t-mag site here, mixing C+F isn’t recommended if you can avoid it.


Eat your PB w/ a protein shake or some other form of protein. Happy now? That’s what people are trying to tell you.

BTW - diesel’s very strict in that he limits carb to 5g for all P+F meals, but JMB allowed up to 9g of carb, and he said if it’s something like vegetables then don’t worry about it cuz veggies = not a very good insulin spiker.


I found this brand “Real” peanut butter which is natural and has a pretty good macronutrient breakdown:

16g fat
5 g carbs
3 g fiber
10g protein

It is not the very best tasting, but I figure it is the best as far as not too many carbs. It is sold in the refrigerated section, not near the other PB&J.

Of course, I still gain weight when eating it but not as much as with the other peanut butters.

Also, if you live in Illinois, Michigan, or Wisconsin, you can get Natural Ovens Bakery bread. They have a bread called Hunger Filler, which is only 60 cal pers slice, and is:

1 g fat
13 g carb
5 g fiber
4 g protein

they also use flax seeds in all their breads. (they have other breads with more omega 3s, this has I think 155 mg).

 Supremebeing said:

 'yes, mixing carbs and fats will make you store fat more than other meal combinations. maybe throw some extra cardio and keep eating the foods you like.'

 Are we trying to do a half-ass job, or are we trying to lean down the T-Man way? You tell me.

 MacoEric: Do you want to be a man or do you want to be a boy? At 17 you're a grown-up kid. I suggest the following: take responsibility; Buy the foods YOU need to eat (you have a job I assume) - they're listed countless times on T-Mag. Cook your own food. 

 Let me try this one again: Weightlifting requires DISCIPLINE, COMMITMENT, KNOWLEDGE.

 Well, Maco, you seem to lack either of these qualities. You certainly dont have the knowledge necessary to succeed in weightlifting; you obviously lack the discipline to use your reading skills and apply them to T-Mag's articles; and you sure as hell lack the commitment to do what it takes, when a peanut butter sandwich is all it takes to break you down.

 WHOEVER says the food just keeps going in their mouth and they cant seem to stop it, are nothing but a comedic personality. You're very entertaining, and Im sure an amiable character. You want to be big or get ripped, but you never have, and never will until you change your attitutde.

 Why? Because words only carry you so far. Rewards come from action and action alone. Words are the tools of entertainers. Action is the tool of professionals.

 Always remember that. Quit your excuses, take responsibility, buy and cook your own food, and read all T-Mags articles. Until you do, please keep all your questions to yourself. We're not here to do the reading for you.

 When you act like an adult you get treated like an aduilt. When you act like a kid, you get treated like a kid. Just thought you might be able to make use of that little piece of advice.