Peanut Butter

What’s up fellows,
I’m using natural PB as a staple fat source (along with flax and olive oil) in an upcoming mass cycle and was wondering what exactly a TBSP of PB looked like. I mean, a flat TBSP is not much PB and the serving size is 2 TBSP=~16 g fat. I would think it is a reasonably rounded scoop.
Have any of you ever wondered this and has anyone actually weighed an amount of PB to see what a serving looks like?

Seems silly, but I’ve always wondered.


Im a huge fan of natural peanut butter(just bought some regular PB and boy does it taste worse, natural PB is way better in all categories)back to subject, I have also weighed it and it is not as much as we all wish it could be. The best way is grab a real tablespoon and grab 1 (I repeat 1 small rounded scoop) and that is about two tbsp of it. It looks similar to a small meatball size. Or one of those big gum balls.

The reduced fat NATURAL (the only kind to eat, IMO) has “only” 12 gms fat per 2 tablespoon serving.

or you can just grab a set of measuring spoons at any grocer…much easier to measure out teaspoons, tablespoons etc…only bout 2 bux too. it’s easier than using a scale

A tbsp should be measured with a standard measuring spoon (not tableware) and it must be level, not heaped, if you want to be reasonably accurate. Grocery stores have measuring spoons, if you haven’t one handy.

ya like others said buy a measuring spoon at yer local supermarket in the kitchen isle where they have the knives and measuring cups and pans and what nots, also buy another and another, because some will break and what not… pb is kinda hard and stuffs… also this way you don’t have to wash it every night oooh yea!

I’ve weighed and measured, but it’s about the same. I actually prefer to stick the jar on the food scale, tare it, and then just knife out 1.1 oz (32g) of the stuff. It’s a lot easier than using a measuring spoon.

I prefer using a digital scale. Why? Not all measuring cups, spoons, etc. are reliable. I have two 1/3 measuring cups and I can fit one inside the other one… not very accurate. With a digital scale I can put a bowl or shaker bottle on it, zero it out, then add peanut butter (or whatever else) until I reach the desired number of grams. Pretty simple. You can pick up a decent scale at Office Depot that measures in grams or ounces. If you do want to get measuring cups and spoons, get good quality ones, they’re more likely to be accurate.