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Peanut Butter

Does anybody know what kind of protein is in peanut butter? Just wondering high/low quality, fast/slow absorbtion, ect.

I know it’ll be slow absorbtion due to the high fat content slowing gastric emptying.

Peanut protein is low quality protein. Through proper food combination peanuts can provide high quality protein. Peanut butter on beef, peanut butter on chicken, and peanut butter on pork all provide complete meal combinations.

I liketo incorporate Peanut Butter… Try “razy Richards Natural Peanut Butter”. its dam good.

Many “reduced fat” peanut butters have soy added. Stick to natural PB only and pour off the extra oil to make it “reduced fat”.

Peanut butter is not a complete protein. It should be combined with other items to ensure that you are getting all the amino acids you need.

Thanks guys. Now what about ice cream? Would that be the same as milk?