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Peanut butter?

Does anyone use peanut butter to top off their calorie count? (200 cal per 2 Tbls; 0 trans fatty acid; 0 hydrogenated oils; 16g fat/2.5g sat. fat; 150 cal from fat) I like one serving on wheat bread to top off my breakfast. Good Idea or not? (sure is an easy 200 cal)

read the ‘foods that make you look good naked’ article for info. and only use natural pb

I use natural peanut butter, spread over a bannana or an apple. Sometimes I just eat it straight from the jar. It’s a cheap source of decent fat that tastes very good.

I’m a bigtime P+F guy, so Chunky Peanut Butter straight from jar (the all-natural kind only) has always been a staple food source of mine. Very Good Idea. For the bread though, best to avoid all but the large-grained wheat breads so you don’t get any large insulin release to shuttle the pb fat into your cells.

I use it since reading the foods that make you look good nekid article. Use natural peanut butter only with protein powder for my protein fat meals during the day.

I’ve used natural peanut butter in shakes for years.