Peanut Butter & Yogurt

Whats up with all this natural peanut butter and plain ole no flavor yogurt?

I just read in mags AKA M.H. and other. And for smoothies they discuss all natural P.B and plain ole yugourt in a lot of the recipes.

Why not jif or skippy?
Add crushed flax seed or flax oil?

On the natural PB issue, JIF and Skippy have a lot of hydrogenated oils, trans fats, sugars, etc. that you neither want nor need. I switched to natural PB a few years back and I like the flavor of it much better at this point. Tastes fresher and more natural.


And for the yogurt, plain old yogurt has less sugar. Using the no-fat varieties of plain old yogurt means less fat. So if you’re doing the P+F and P+C thing, I’d use the no-fat plain old yogurt.

Yeah, ditto, highly processed and flavored foods often have plenty of added crap (sugar, fats, salt, etc) to make it “better”… but which really can make it counter to your dietary goals.

Don’t forget…natural ALMOND butter as a great choice…

And I agree with what’s been said…the less stuff is “added”…and for the most part are low-fat…the better one can control their cals and macros…


You can cusromize your yogurt to any flavor you like and control the ingredients.
It also makes a great dressing for salads, gyros, and whatever else you don’t want littered with some of todays culinary chemistry.

Take one food processor

add equal parts almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. Press on and wait. Soon enough you have nut butter that is awesome. The peanuts also take the majority of the tatse and its damned good and cheaper. Great fat profile. ETC.

I am sure you could add other nuts but this is the mix I always use.

Hope that helps,

Natural peanut butter contains these ingredients:

Now go look at the label of a Jif or Skippy jar and tell me if you notice a difference.

Nuts, head, and buns. Now my brain is spinning :slight_smile:

I don’t like peanut butter in anything but a chocolate Grow! shake. I usually just take a tablespoon to some Adam’s chunky and lick away. Yum Yum.