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Peanut Butter w/ Flax Oil

anyone seen this? Just saw there is some natural PB that includes flax oil in it. 1,000mg per serving and it’s around the same price as other PB.

good stuff

What brand and where did you buy it?

I bought some at Food 4 Less. Fantastic stuff, the flaxseed soaks up the oil, so you don’t get that oily flavor you get from natural PB. I highly recommend, but I can’t remember the brand offhand.

There were a few different brands, but I just picked up another bottle today of Smart Balance’s version, and no need to stir or refrigerate :smiley:

oh yeah. I got it from Giant.

naturally more is the best stuff, tastes great, has flax seeds, and 10g of protein per scoop. walmart sells it



[quote]Studio27 wrote:

good stuff, but doesn’t that have the flax seeds whole in it? Which aren’t that well digested/absorbed.

plus, it’s like twice the price or more. I was using it for a short time, then I just couldn’t justify the price for the amount of servings in it.