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Peanut Butter Separation


Is there a way to make the oil in natural peanut butter separate? When I buy it sometimes I get 50 grams out other times around 15 grams. I remove it to add coconut oil.



Most natural PB requires stirring to combine the seperated oil...


Not really, many times the peanut butter at the top may be runny but, I can not pour out the oil. Sometimes I get a big layer of oil other times it is just runnier at the top. (I use Laura Scudders)


then maybe try another brand. or buy peanut oil to mix with your coconut oil.


I meant I want to separate the oil so I can add coconut oil to the peanut butter. That is the only brand they sell around me. Sometimes it is very separated but, lately it has only a small layer of oil at the top I wanted to know if there was a way to make it separate as much as possible, letting sit in my cupboard for a couple days has not done much perhaps it has been to hot or cold.


oh i see. chris posted something about peanut butter powder... maybe you could add coconut oil to that??

heat probably helps it separate...


Why do you want to replace the oil with coconut oil?

The floating oil at the top is naturally released from the peanuts, they're not added.


I use scudders too... if you "slosh" it around between the grocery store and home, the oil will usually recombine with the peanut butter, however i find if you let it sit for a day or so, the oil will return to the top. Pour off the oil before you stir/eat