Peanut Butter or Nuts??

hey, though i do like peanut butter, im slightly concerned about the salt content and the fact its not the easiest thing to portion control. I was just wondering if eating raw, unsalted mixed nuts (almonds, brazils, cashews, pecans,walnuts etc) would be a satisfactory substitute?? Should i mention im pretty lean (though not a hardgainer) so im not particularly after extra calories.

appreciate any advice guys

I’ve actually found the opposite to be true for me; I have a harder time controlling portions with whole nuts than with peanut butter…maybe because I like to crunch on things.

Anyway, you could look into buying low-sodium peanut butter. I’m sorry that I don’t know any low-sodium, natural brands off the top of my head, but they likely exist.

As for portion control, you can try mixing it with another food to dilute it a bit. (Cottage cheese comes to mind.) Also, you can try melting it first to spread or mix it in thinner and thus smaller amounts.

Mmmm, peanut butter … drool

Raw mixed nut or great and may even be better. You get a more varied fat profile with some nuts Like walnuts being High in Polys and many others like Peanuts and almonds High in Monos.

Also you may want to simply make your own nut butter. That is waht I do though I dont mind the salt It is cheaper and better IMO. I just go to costco and buy a BIG bag of almonds, walnuts, and peanuts. Dump equal amounts in a food processor with maybe a little stevia for sweetner or not. Then turn it on and walk away. You can stop it at what ever consistancy you like from chunky to smooth.

Then you have a HUGE tub of Good fats that taste awesome. The peanuts largly overpower the taste of the others and it is just like HIGH quality peanut butter.