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Peanut Butter-Mistake or Miracle?


No Im not talking about el natural peanut, Im talking about your JIFFY, your Skppy, and Of Course, your favorite man In tights-Peter Pan. They have roughly 6 grams of carbs per serving(just two spoonfulls is a serving right?). With the fat content and protein content, can this food be considered in line with Berardis P+F meal?

IS protein GREAT? Or is it NOT SO GREAT? Also, I have been making my last meal of the day peanut butter, cottage cheese and some fish pills. Good choice?


I think there will be some mixed thoughts on this.

Generally, the consensus around here is to go for natural peanut butter, because it won't have hydrogenated fats or added sugars.

You can use peanut butter in a protein + fat meal, but you'll also want to consider the ratios of various essential fats that you are eating during the day.

I'll put a bit of peanut butter in with cottage cheese and chocolate Metabolic Drive for an end of day snack sometimes.


PB by itself is not a good meal. Plant protein ain't that good. PB is a good bulk snack though. Quick, easy, filling.

Cottage cheese is da bomb though. Throw some walnuts, blueberries, 0.9 banana, w/e you want.

It must be small curd though. Large curd tastes horrible to me.


Peanut's are actually beans. Beans + grains = complete protein. In other words, a pb&j will give you the protein you need to sustain life... if it ever comes to that.

BTW, hydrogenated oil will kill your ass, or so my nutrition professer professed.


Dude, it has the word butter in it. According to regulations set forth by the USDA or whoever makes the food pyramid, butter = use sparingly. Instead, I'd suggest you eat 1 loaf of bread to get your extra calories!

In all seriousness, attempt to get the natural PB, they really don't taste any different and are much better for you (we really don't know the levels of hydrogenated oils). I know they run specials on certain Skippy Natural all the time at stores around me.


Damn, peanut butter is pretty badass actually. Take a look:


I have heard that a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread is one of the simplest ways for a vegetarian to consume all essential ammino acids is a single meal.


I'm beginning to think that P+F meals versus P+C meals are a bit outdated way of thinking (Massive Eating is old research)...

In the 7 rules its way simpler... It limits carbs to the 3 or 4 hours post exercise. Which, I suppose, is simplified into P+C meals post workout, with some fat ok, and otherwise, P+F meals... (ok, I just contradicted myself, but whatever).

As far as 6 grams of carbs in your non-carb meal, that depends on how big the meal is and when it is...

Combine the ideas from Lowery's articles (mostly Temporal Nutrition) and Berrardi's articles, and up to 10 grams of CHO seems to be alright in a moderately sized meal if its earlier in the day or about 4 hours after exercise. (IMHO)


I have also heard it tastes AWESOME. To the poster who said .9 banana... This isn't a cutting thread. Come on now, you trying to emiciate this poor kid?


Commercial peanut butter killed Elvis, right?

He ate two jars a day on those "Fool's Gold" sandwiches, until his blood was so thick with trans fats, that it wouldn't pump anymore.



For those that don't know how to read, the article states that Elvis ate 94,000 calories...per day. Professor X, the gauntlet has been thrown down.


Trans fats are only in partially hydrogenated oils, fully hydrogenated are ok.


I wouldn't say they are "ok" by that link, it just says they just aren't as bad at partially hydrogenated. "As bad" is not a category my fuel will ever fall into...


I re read it and could not find anywhere it said they are not as bad.


That is the first source that has ever been read that states that "fully hydrogenated oils are not trans-fats..."

It is almost certainly wrong.


Did you goggle it? That was just the first link that poped up. Do you have a link showing they are Trans fats?


on the subject of natural peanut butter...

Does anybody know of peanut butter that has stabilizers to prevent separation but that does not have HFCS?

Is there a trick to stirring a new full jar without getting peanut oil splattered all over the kitchen? (Other than "be careful, you slob?")


buy a few at a time. store the jars upside down.


Store it upside down, then put it in the refrigerator after opening and mix it each time you eat some. You need to prevent the separation instead of trying to correct it.


I keep a second empty jar around and then divide half the oil and peanut butter between the two and mix them separately. This way you mix 100% of the oil and peanut butter and don't end up with the dry hard stuff at the bottom.