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Peanut Butter Feans

I eat the hell out of some peanut butter. i eat at least 4 tbsp a day, so the turnover rate of a jar is pretty quick. Is is all that bad to lick the bottem of the old Jiff jar when the supply of natural stuff is gone. in fact i down a whole jar of Jiff chunky that has been residing in my pantry next to the teabags for about three years. Would it be better to just stay away from the Peanut butter when i’m out of The natural kind or is it fine to just eat the “normal” stuff till i get a chance to pick some up. (eventhough the commercial kind taste like crap compared to the natural kind)

The difference is the regular kind has added hydrogenated oils, a little sugar and sodium. The natural kind usually only has a little added sodium. So every once in a while it’s probably no big deal.

Well if you don`t mind eating basically lard, then the un-natural stuff (Jiff, Peter Pan, etc.) is great!

Just stock up on the natural stuff mmmkay?

Try Peanut Wonder, it is a great peanut butter available at normal and health food stores. 85% less fat and tasty too!

You’ll want to stick to natural peanut butter as much as possible. I can’t even stand the taste of regular peanut butter anymore. It’s just grease and lard.

If you want to lower the fat, just pour off the oil before you stir it in and refrigerate it. (Many of the reduced fat varieties use soy.)

Here’s how much of a peanut butter fiend I am: The best brand I’ve ever found is called “Teddy”. Mixes easily, not too oily, and contains huge chunks of peanuts. But you can’t buy it in my state. So lucky for me, one of our Gang O Babes girls is nice enough to mail me a couple of jars almost every month. I love seeing that package arrive.

Dang, Shugart. That’s dedication bro.

Gee Chris, I did a search on Teddy Peanut Butter and all the hits are for teddy bears and/or and peanut butter recipes but no Teddy Peanut Butter product. If anybody know a site where I can order some, I will greatly appreciated. I love peanut butter and I’ve been using the Natural but would love to try Teddy’s. Thanks for your help peanut butter lovers! :slight_smile:

whats the diff between “natural” and “commercial” peanut butter. I usually just by no name stuff. (211 cal, 16 fat, 8 protein per 2 tbsp serving. Whats the nutritional info in “natural” and where do you buy it"?

I of course use only NATURAL pb. Stay Natural!

All natural “Laura Scudder’s” Old Fashioned Nutty Peanut butter. This is available at all supermarket. The ingredients: Peanuts and Salt. I like to try Teddy’s but haven’t been succesfull finding their site (if any).

Teddy isn’t Kraft with teddy bears on the label is it?

lucky for me, teddie peanut butter is made in my state (massachusetts). i felt bad for you “teddie-less” people so i went to get my jar to see if their was a web-site listed…and guess what?? there is! www.teddie.com

There’s the problem. I was misspelling it! Sorry, I didn’t have a jar in the house to double check the spelling. I’m all out right now. (Hint, hint, Sandy!) :wink:

Hey, guys…any thoughts on Almond Butter? It’s supposed to have a good fat mix AND taste pretty good, from what I’ve heard…

Almond butter is awsome, I used to use natural peanut butter but once i tried the almond butter i was never going back. I promise you will like it better than peanut butter, its a whole lot sweeter.

i got the hint chris. loud and clear. they are on their way, i promise!

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I too am a PB fiend, but I am hooked on the all natural, and I do mean all natural. My grocery store has a grinder that makes fresh peanut butter from unsalted peanuts. It is self serve, so you make it right there, so it is fresh. Nothing better than fresh warm peanut butter just ground from peanuts. After eating this stuff, I cannot stand anything that comes in a jar, natural or not. When I travel, I freeze about 2 pounds of the fresh stuff and take it with me so when I reach my destination it has thawed and has traveled well and ready for the refrig when I get to my destination. Anyway, I LOVE PB, I spead it on unsalted rice crackers, very low carbs but a real treat, but it has to be FRESH NATURAL, you gotta try this stuff, you will never go back to PB in a jar.

Sorry to top this, but:

“If you want to lower the fat, just pour off the oil before you stir it in and refrigerate it.”

So what are you losing when you eliminate the fat? Will what’s left be mostly protein ? Seems like there’s little benefit in keeping the omega 6 fats in the oil (not too mention the added calories), so I’m tempted to do it…


Your just raising the ratio of protein and carbs…anyone have a good way of calculating the “new” nutritional value?

I suppose you could measure the oil ya pour out and estimate that the jar has about 120 less fat cals per tbsp…hows that sound?