Peanut Butter Estrogenic?

coupla toasted slices of good sourdough. slather peanut butter on one and nutella the other. add sliced banana. stick 'em together and drop on the griddle w/ lots of butter - just like making a grilled cheese- serve in the a.m. in bed w/ strong coffee. this sandwich is guaranteed repeat business.

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
I’d be surpised if someone has not asked you to marry him sight unseen yet. :([/quote]

Uhhhh…I did. But I’m a hot so it’s ok. :slight_smile:

[quote]BGB wrote:
And I’m a “her” not a him, look at my avatar :)[/quote]

I smell an oogie-fest…

This is why there are like 10 women on T-Nation to 200,000 men.

Now everytime I go grab a handful of peanuts, a spoonful of PB, or any sort of thai peanut sauce I’ll have a twinge of guilt. Thanks.

They don’t spray anything on organic peanut butter.Just the peanuts.Spread the love!