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Peanut Butter Estrogenic?


I've been told through a very respected and knowlegeable expert in this field that PB is estrogenic.

Whatever they spray on the peanuts to preserve them before making them into PB contains estrogen. This goes for Natural PB that says the only ingredient is peanuts as well.

Almond butter is fine though, this spray is not used.

I'm not sure what the spray actually is but I want to find out more.
has anybody ever heard of this? Do you know what is sprayed on the peanuts?


Natural Peanut butter should not have estrogenic spray of any other preservatives in it. If it does, the companies are wrong to do so.


What is "estrogenic spray"?


I'm not sure, but I think you get it in the feminine hygiene isle. I'm almost positive they advertise it during Oprah and Dr. Phil.



Ahh, I see. Therefore, watching The View or the Oxygen network will allow the expression of "estrogenic spray". I suggest Spike TV would obviously be the tool of defense for the spread of "estrogenic spray" lest we all be changed forever.

Perhaps I should just turn off the tv.


hahaha guys!

I'm serious though. They spray the peanuts with something to preserve them that contains estrogen. Choose not to believe it or not!

And this is not brand specific, all natural brands do this.


To be USDA Cert. it only has to be 95% organic. So his post is plausible.


But you don't know any other details other than your apparent "Deep Throat" source who casually mentions this but doesn't give any further details about what the spray is or why they use that spray specifically instead of another or where to go for more information?

Why wouldn't we believe what you say?



I'm not asking you to believe it, I'm telling you what I've heard and believe to be true considering the source. I heard this from somebody who heard it from his mouth at a seminar. I don't doubt it and would like to know more about it.

Like I said, believe what you want but this is what I've heard and believe.

And I'm a "her" not a him, look at my avatar :slightly_smiling:


They don't list any pestacides or preservatives on processed foods because they don't add pestacides/herbacides/insectacides/preservatives in when they make said food item (be it peanut butter, jam, or even flower for bread etc). It (possibily/probibly) still contains residues/residuals left over from what they sprayed on the field. Most likely this would constitute less than 1% of the overall weight of a serving size so they wouldn't have to state it was there anyways.


I don't think anyone is outright not believing you...it is just that there is no way to prove one way or the other. There are a lot of people who seem to feed off of "produce panic" however.


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Like Prof X said, it's not a matter of outright disbelief about your comments.

What you've said so far is you heard from a friend who was at some conference that natural pb is estrogenic because of a spray.

Who was the speaker?

What was the conference?

Why didn't your friend have more info such as any sources cited?

I wasn't trying to be snarky, I just found it odd your friend came back making a comment like that but doesn't seem to have any detailed info about what the speaker said (at least that you've posted).

I googled "estrogenic spray, natural peanut butter" and found everything ranging from how wonderfully healthy natural peanut butter is to avoid it all all costs because it can cause cancer.

Some sites mention sprays, others say no sprays are used at all.

Who do we believe?


Supposedly to be FDA compliant peanut butter is not allowed to contain preservatives.

Now with regards to pesticides, that is another story. However, I don't know how much would make it into the actual peanut butter because; peanuts are in shell under the ground and when they are processed they remove the shell as well as the skin around the peanut prior to grinding it. How much pesticide would remain? I don't know. Also, I don't know what pesticides they routinely use when growing peanuts.

Often almond butter is recommended for people with a peanut allergy as long as they can tolerate other nuts. Aflatoxin has been known to grow on peanuts, so that may be another reason almond butter was suggested.

By the way, you look great in your avatar. Keep up the good work.

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Lookin good, BGB. It's really not something I would worry about. Especially as a woman; I wouldn't suggest you go crazy on soy protein. But I can't imagine any benefit to avoiding estrogen like the plague.


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Almond Butter is probably a better overall choice anyway...

(Not sure about the properties of PB...)