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Peanut Butter + Eggs. Try it!

[quote]Tex Ag wrote:
V8 and protein powder[/quote]

What kind/flavor of protein powder? Grow! Whey?

I add the peanut butter after. The natural peanut butter I have (Trader Joe’s) stays relatively soft and I have never cared about hot vs cold when eating. So the eggs are hot, the peanut butter is cold and heavenly.

[quote]GetSwole wrote:
i just cooked it right in. I’m having it again right now as we speak. I whisked up the peanut butter, eggsl, and cinnamon in a bowl then poured into the skillet.

I popped the PB in the microwave first though to get it a little runny. It’ll melt just fine in the skillet though.[/quote]

How much of each did you use?

I’ve done 2tbs and 4 eggs and 3tbs with 6 eggs.

Both were very good.

Sounds interesting, I’ll give it a try tonight.

I’ve only used eggs+PB while baking.

add the cinnamon too. Its tasty

skippy peanut butter has sugar in it the regular has high fructrose corn syrup and the natural one has regular sugar. Inless you are talking about a different type than I am thinking of. I am going to try this today.

Just had it, this is pretty good bannana sounds amazing with it and I thought of something else I want to try put this on dried flattened bannana I’m gonna try now.

okay so wait.

  1. Crack eggs into bowl
  2. Add cinamon ( how much ? )
  3. Melt some peanut butter, add it in and whisk it goether
  4. Put in skillet and let it cook?
    Do you guys cook your eggs with oil or butter?

I cooked it in pam cooking spray for caloric sake but other than that I guess its up to you. I’d use butter if I had the caloric room.

Yes you got the steps right.

Use as much cinnamon as you want.
I used a teaspon because I love cinnamon. I even throw a little on the top when done cooking. THats really just personal taste. Its not that strong of a spice so you can’t really put too much. It wouldn’t make it taste bad. It’s a delicate spice.

Put it in the skillet and scramble it right up yes. Make sure you mix it around while scrambling to spread out the peanut butter and such as it melts.

Tonight I’ll be throwing in 2tbs of flax seed meal as well.

I actually just cook the eggs by themselves normally in coconut oil, mixing em up and breaking the yolks, but not scrambled per se. I throw em on a plate and put the cinnamon(just a few shakes) and one packet of splenda on after. I then slap a tbsp or two of Smuckers Natural PB (might of wrote skippy before by accident) on top, the pb usually melts a bit on top of the eggs, I find this method the best for me.

You guys should get some Power Butter. It has egg whites, wheat germ, and flaxseed oil. Natural and has honey for flavoring.

But I am going to try that peanut butter and eggs thanks for sharing.

I have Simply More natural PB which is similar.

I’ve had it twice now since reading this thread. I officially love it.

Firstly, I want to puke just thinking about peanut butter and eggs. However, the OP did ask about other crazy combinations, and this has been getting at me…

I eat a lot of peanut butter and bacon. Who’s eaten them together? I know about the ‘Elvis sandwich’ and all, but has anyone devised a less suicidal way to combine these two ambrosias? If anyone can think of anything, I swear I’ll try it.

Its been my prebed meal for 3 days straight now (the pb and eggs)…and I’m gonna keep it that way

I didn’t get to try it last night was to busy to stop and get some cinnamon, tonight is the time!

I tried this whole egg and P.B. thing, its aright id rather keep the P.B. with my oatmeal and throw some ketchup on the eggs with a peice of toast

[quote]Phate89 wrote:
okay so wait.

  1. Crack eggs into bowl
  2. Add cinamon ( how much ? )
  3. Melt some peanut butter, add it in and whisk it goether
  4. Put in skillet and let it cook?
    Do you guys cook your eggs with oil or butter?[/quote]

im gunna try this

I eat turkey bacon with my eggs and PB (substitute 3 slices turkey bacon for one tbsp of PB)

So I just got around to mixing PB, eggs, & cinnamon together and scrambling, adding Splenda afterwards. I’ll be damned if it doesn’t taste (and have texture similar to) PB French toast. Frikin spectacular! This will be a regular addition to my diet as I typically eat 12 eggs each day.

I think later today I will make the version that adds the PB after cooking the eggs. I may leave the yolks slightly runny to experiment.