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Peanut Butter + Eggs. Try it!

Each night I eat eggs and peanut butter, per coach Thibs’ meal plan for USCTrojan, of the physique clinic.

I put the peanut butter on the eggs. It sounds gross but it tastes great!

Another interesting combo I used to eat is cottage cheese (1 serving), peanut butter (2 tb spn) and chocolate low carb Metabolic Drive (1 scoop). You can mess with the serving sizes for different consistencies but this mixture tastes like ice cream.

Any other combos that sound wrong but taste right?

I believe i may try it, i love hardboiled eggs and peanut butter. I just have never added the 2 together yet

Don’t get me wrong I love cottage cheese + Metabolic Drive + PB, but it doesn’t taste anything like any ice cream I’ve ever tried…

[quote]TKEmemphis wrote:
Any other combos that sound wrong but taste right?[/quote]

Pickles and Fribble shakes at Friendly’s. At least that’s what my sister used to do. Of course she was 3 years old at the time.

[quote]dfreezy wrote:
Don’t get me wrong I love cottage cheese + Metabolic Drive + PB, but it doesn’t taste anything like any ice cream I’ve ever tried…[/quote]

maybe I just wish it did…

I had the eggs scrambled. It shouldn’t make that much of a difference though.

almonds, either melt some cheese over them or melt some peanut butter.

have them hot (nacho style) or re-refrigerate for peanut butter almonds.

also, cottage cheese on eggs with salsa

resees peanut butter cups (healthy), i forget the exact combination but you melt some peanut butter, add some cottage cheese, some splenda and some choc prot powder. doesnt taste amazing, but make a bowls worth and taking a spoonful usually will qwell any cravings for sweets or snack food you have.

V8 and protein powder

I have my eggs with cinamon and splenda (like french toast) and have skippy natural peanutbutter on the side, absolutely kills sweets cravings.

How exactly do you cook those eggs?

Scrambled with cinnamon and splenda?

wow, the holy grail of low carb dieting and sweet cravings.

I just scrambled eggs, peanut butter, and cinnamon together, once done topped with a little more cinnamon. It really tastes like french toast. Awesome, I’ll use splenda next time, I’m out right now…I’m truly in awe.

Yeah, people think Im crazy, I throw the eggs in with a little bit of coconut oil, mix em up as they cook (not really scrambled), put tons of cinnamon on (no calories, and I heard it helps regulate blood sugar, if it does or not its still good), one little packet of splenda, and slap down 2 tbsps of skippy nat peanut butter.

Have my green tea with Carlsons lemon fish oil and greens + and I cant even tell Im rockin low carbs because its the most delicious breakfast ever. Another option is to fry bananas with the eggs, my roomate is getting his bulk on and does this and swears by it, he also tops with cinnamon, splenda and natty PB.

I bet the bananas would be awesome too.

Cinnamon has about 5.4g carbs per tablesoon (that is alot of cinnamon…but I understand…I love it too)

However, like 3.7g of those carbs are fiber…so that’s how it would regulate bloodsugar, good fiber content and negligible trace “impact carbs”

Eggs, peanut butter, and cinnamon is definitely a new favorite, I’ll crunching numbers tomorrow to fit it into my eating plan on the regular.

wow, I didnt see any nutritional information on the shaker, and I always thought seasonings like pepper, cinnamon, adobo, etc. had no caloriess. I’m going to lighten up on the cinnamon, since alot isnt needed.

This is out of my meal plan (pro,fat,carb) Meal 5- 3 eggs (21,15,3) + cinnamon & splenda + 2 tbsp nat peanut butter (8,16,6) = (29, 31, 9)

Yeh, I learned that through an online search, but your probably fine…a tablespoon is a lot more than you’d expect.

However, I’ve lightened up a bit.

Im actually cooking em right now for my last meal with the new reduced cinamon amount. Btw, check out my diet and give me some feedback, any help would be appreciated.

http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1958380 links help, and its still good with less cinnamon!

Thanks for the tip dude. And here I’ve been eating the two separately this entire time! I usually just eat the PB on a spoon, then eat my eggs with seasoning.

Do you cook the PB in with the eggs, or add it after the cooking?

i just cooked it right in. I’m having it again right now as we speak. I whisked up the peanut butter, eggsl, and cinnamon in a bowl then poured into the skillet.

I popped the PB in the microwave first though to get it a little runny. It’ll melt just fine in the skillet though.