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Peanut Butter and Australians


Hello all,

This goes out to the Australian's at T-Nation. Where do you get your natural peanut butter from?
Is it freshly ground or commercially made?, like the sanitarium natural peanut butter.


Keep lifting


Any healthfood store should have it, they have other stuff too like Almond butter or almond, cashew, brazil nut butter.

Not sure what the BEST butter is ... Americans love peanut butter (interesting story about the guy who developed it to save the southern economy, he was a genius) ... but there probably are better nuts than peanuts to use for butter.


I buy my natural peanut butter from the local health food shop. They have a machine that grinds up the nuts and spits it into a tub. Nothing but nuts.

If I cant get my hands on that for some reason I have Sanitarium peanut butter from Woolworths. They have natural (nuts only) and the have one which is no added salt/sugar/preservatives etc but does have some sunflower oil added.


Waldbaums has the stash on some nice natural peanut butter. Stirring the stuff gives you a nice forearm workout lol


hmmm... may be dropping by to stock up on the way home


Australians often get their peanut butter confused with many things:
1) Armpit goo
2) Fumunda cheese
3) Penis batter

You're better off with Trader Joe's all natural PB.


Did anyone else laugh when they read this thread title?


No, why?


yeah, i thought it was going to be some cool link to a study that Heffernan and Barr did on the effects of peanutbutter on Australians and how best to use it ... IV, orally, adsorption, or (of course) anally for fasted absorption


It is actually received anally by some in Australia but this is not as a desire to simply have peanut butter but because it makes great lube when putting it in her ass. Crunchy Peanut Better is the best as the chunks provide extra stimulation for her and a penile exfoliation for him.