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Pealing Hardboiled Eggs

There has to be a trick to it.

I have a 1/3 ratio of getting them pealed perfect. The other 2/3 of the time I am pealing off part of the white goodness, or leaving on the membrane.

Any help?

Cool them down under cold water FIRST…(running them under a cold faucet is enough…no need to get more complex than that…)


I crack 'em then roll them around on the counter until all that’s holding the shell on is the membrane. The egg usually pops right out.

It also helps if you have fresh eggs. We used to get ours straight from the chickens - literally. Those were the easiest to peel - and the tastiest. The ones from the store, or eggs that have sat in the fridge for a week are the worst ones about sticking to the membrane.

The fresher the egg is when it’s boiled, the more the shell sticks. Buy eggs and wait a week or two, then boil.

I am not sure if I have ever had the white come off.

I boil…rinse in cold water and let sit a little while for the eggs to cool down…then peel in running cold water.

Works for me every time.

It definitely makes it way easier to let them sit in cold water for a bit. The trick I use is similar to rainjacks. I knock it on the counter for a bit so it’s cracked all over. I then roll it in between my hands and it usually comes off all in one piece.

Fresh vs not fresh aside, and feeling kind of stupid on this subject aside, I am glad I did not let pride keep me from asking.

I am planning on dumping my eggs into ice water next time I do up a batch. I realize most of my pealing issues come from heat considering sometimes I burn myself pealing them too soon. I cook them during my morning shower. And eat on route to work (I walk). I do not let them cool down enough.

Now that I read my post and the responses. I want to mock me. How could I not realize this?

This is common sense. Let the damn things cool down.

I have found a simple solution to your problem.

When you are boiling the eggs liberally pour/shake “salt” into the pot.

rinse, cool,
and then they PEEL PERFECTLY!

I second the letting them age suggestion. But them at the store then let them sit in your fridge for a week or two before boiling.

I don’t know if its just me, but I was taught to pierce the more blunt end of the egg with a pin and boil them in salted water. Then tranfer them to cold/ice water immediately after they have finished boiling. I don’t know what it does, but I’ve never had the shell stick.

Alright, the real answers have already been given, so…

Maybe if you peeled them, instead of pealed them?

Sort of a variation on the cooling them off part. I saw a show where they took the pot, dumped out the boiling water, put in ice cold water and then shook the eggs against the sides, cracking them like safety glass. They peel easy then. It also draws the sulfur back off the surface of the yoke so you don’t get that green stuff. It works for me and Im no great chef.

Use a spoon. Slip it between the shell and the white.


I’ve gotten to where I can take it apart in two equal halves :smiley: it’s pretty cool and I can do it almost every time. Though I’m kinda burned out on HB Eggs, last time I boiled up a ton of them before I left for Maui and ate 5 rotten ones before I noticed they had gone bad :frowning:

AH your rotten HB eggs post got me thinking to share a little trick I use to keep large quantities of HB eggs fresh/from going bad. I just did a batch yesterday.

I am also a huge fan of pickles and Jalapeneos and various pickled peppers. Get them in the big gallon jugs.

Anyway once you eat all the pickles/peppers etc. keep the vinegar based pickling solution and jar of course. Boil up a big old batch of eggs usually 2 doz+ per gallon jug. Then drop them bad boys in there. Keeps em fresh and extra flavor as well. You can also add extra spice.

If you dont want the spice you can do the same with just vinegar to keep them freash as well.

I’m a fan of the spicy ones the jalapeneo juice creates.

Give it a try, Hope that helps,

Ever seen the eggstractor?