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Peaking with Verkhoshansky's Theory?


For those of you who don't know, there's a theory that is espoused by Yuri Verkhoshansky. He's a living genius so... I'd much rather consider it aa a "fact". According to him, the greater the incapacities that your body recieves from a certain training stress, THE HIGHER THE REBOUND WILL BE!! (Higher rebound = Higher strength gain!) ...Which means that if I purposely (and chronically) over reach myself in training, the worse the effects are, the better my recovery will be!...

The question is, when you're in this over reached (not necessarily overtrained) state, approximately WHEN WOULD YOU REACH THE PEAK OF THE SUPERCOMPENSATION GRAPH?

Thank you.


Are you serious?! Training hard will lead to greater gains?!?!?!

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Unless I'm mistaken Verkhoshansky is a block periodization guy. I can't remember the time for supercompensation, but all the rules for recover and level of training apply. Have you read Supertraining?


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First off Verkhoshanskis training is a block approach and relies heavily on training residuals. So yes, the blocks are placed so that each block allows for supercompensation to carry over to the next until the sum of the cumulative effects of training add up to yield peak performance.

However, planning for such effects are hard to judge, as it is highly individual, and is dependant upon the type of training and at what point the preparation phase the athlete is in. I would keep these methods to the scientists and experienced coaches.


Why are you constantly comparing various coaches and sports scientists. Each has something to offer, take what you can and apply it. Stop making things too complicated/


well, the results of the rebound depend on;
- the program
- the duration of the program (in days/weeks)
- the athletes preparedness / work capacity

so you cant just say for sure when you will hit the spike in the rebound.. it depends on so many factors..

here's an example though, because most of my training revolves around creating dips/rebounds..

that video is the results of my 2 week squat routine.. ive used it with myself and a few others with great success, but ill show you this huge dude doing it, because everyone says the only reason why it worked is because "im weak".. which is wrong.

anyway, he hit sprint PR's and broad jump PR, and tied his best vert PR (from like 6 months ago when he was doing depth jumps).. his broad jump went up 5.5" in 2 weeks..

i have a writeup of it, so i forget all of the exact numbers.. but his vert went down like 4" during these two weeks, broad jump went down from 108 to 102.. even hit a few 99's.. sprints were just completely horrible most of the time.. you will have ups and downs inside of the concentrated block.. mostly down's, but you will have some ups regardless of how much fatigue you think you have.

when he rebounded it was just nuts.. it only took him 2 full days rest after the 2 week squat program to rebound.. he maintained this rebound for around 2 weeks..

the program we used is very simple:

squatting 8x in 2 weeks..

he had insane dips in power, and then after only 2 days rest after the 8 weeks, insane pr's.

EDIT: before each session you do "testing stuff", the exact drills/tests you will perform when testing after.. for him this was vert,broad jump,10/40 yard dash... the 40 yard dashes we held back when he was completely trashed.. but we still ran them.. at like 75% of TRASHED LEVEL, which is probably like 50% of regular level.

week 1:
monday: testing stuff, MAX 5 REP FRONT SQUAT
tuesday: testing stuff, light 5 rep back squat
thursday: testing stuff, light 5 rep front squat
friday: testing stuff, MAX 5 REP BACK SQUAT

week 2:
monday: testing stuff, MAX 5 REP FRONT SQUAT....
tuesday: testing stuff, light 5 rep back squat
thursday: testing stuff, light 5 rep front squat
friday: testing stuff, MAX 5 REP BACK SQUAT

you just go for a complete max 5 rep on those days.. no idea what it will be, because of the fatigue.. you dont hold back.

but basically, the concept is you want to create a long duration decrease in performance... not of "glycogen depletion nature".. that wont cut it.. has to be pure CNS fatigue, with adequate nutrition.

make sure you foam roll & stretch alot though during a routine like this (or similar ones).. if you dont, your IT band will become concrete.



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Has anyone noticed their IT bands locking up when they starting doing hill sprints and stuff actually??


How are they "locking up" as you say? What is your typical volume of hills look like and at what period of training are you in?


Is there a particular brand of sock that's best for deadlifting? I notice on average that guys with no hair seem to have the highest deadlifts. Is this like a reverse-Samson effect?


I like Adidas soccer socks. I go with black so that no one can tell I am gushing blood from the shins.


Does anyone have a magic bullet for protein shakes? I hear they are awesome.


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Training phase: getting less fat :slightly_smiling:
Locking up: I can feel them actively pulling when I squat
Hill volume: 15-20 up and downs on a 25 metre hill 2-3x a week

I think it's mostly cos I haven't been stretching the area tbh. I've been working on everything else and feeling a lot better as a result!


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