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Peaking vs Just Training?

Jim or others, Whats your opinions on peaking vs training for example training wise going in each day and doing either required reps or pr ser or pr set + jokers all depending on how the weight feels that day (auto reg). Fsl work done for 3-5x5-8 again depending on how the feel is that day doing more or less volume. Reason i ask is the last couple times i tried to peak to a 1rm have had no luck but i remember a time during different cycles where the weight felt good and it was in the back of my mind to go for a 1rm but didnt because i thought the plan was obviously working. Thoughts?

Is there really any benefit to knowing what your 1rm is?

Same benefit as measuring the old fella I imagine…

I’m not following how you are peaking? Could you explain your method? From what you wrote above it doesn’t sound like you had any planned peaks per se

Ya like these guys are saying there is no benefit. Best advise i can give you or anyone on this forum is to go onto Elite FTS website. Read the coaching logs. Learn from the guys that have been through it all. Something i read a few days ago that relates to your question is from Vincent Dizenzo’s log. He was talking about not beating himself up anymore and promised himself he would not get injured. He said “Instead the plan is to accumulate strength rather than constantly test it.”

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Are we talking about peaking to an actual all out 1RM for a competition or just peaking for using heavier weights for shorter sets? The regular 5/3/1 layout does the latter and if you are not a competitive powerlifter, you don’t really benefit from peaking for an actual 1RM lift.

I ran 4 cycles -2 cycles rep pr’s with 5x8 fsl. 2 cycles rep pr’s/jokers/fsl 5x5 on 3/1 weeks going for a 1rm on the last week of 4th cycle then reset back 2. I compete in a meet once a year didnt this year due to family commitments.

Ok, using your example

2 cycles Rep/PR FSL 5x8
2 cycles Rep/PR Joker/FSL 5x5

if you were still getting the ideal reps on your plus sets, instead of resetting back 2 I would have kept going but reduced overall volume a bit but kept the intensity up and would have done 1 cycle on the base 5/3/1 or 3/5/1 program only hitting required reps on the + sets, then doing 1-2 jokers on 3/1 weeks in the 90+% range to kept feeling heavier weight, then after the third week take the deload. After the deload week I’d come back and test by either working up to 1rm, 3rm or use some reference point as in beating a previous PR. Your results may be different but I find that after I deload my first session is not my best so I’d get a session in to get back in the grove using 75-80% then that next session go for broke.

Thanks mate i have done something very similar to this