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Peaking, TRIBEX and Test...

If I plan to peak for a a competition (sprint cycling), should I use TRIBEX during the taper phase or during the shock period preceding that taper, or during both up to the competition?

I’m wondering if I should wait for the body testosterone to fluctuate down before taking TRIBEX or trying to keep it high all the time? Is there such a thing as testosterone overcompensation?

I don’t know a whole lot about cycling, but I don’t see a problem at all using it the entire time.

But, if you’re looking to use it just for a specific phase, then I’d go with the shock part - as this sounds more demanding on your body. You’d be able to keep your natural test levels up, through the stressful time when they’d normally drop.

I really think you’d be happy using it the entire time - really add a boost to your training.

It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to even take a dose just prior to your race.

You’ve hit something with your idea of overcompensation - this would be when your body converts ‘excess’ testosterone into estrogen. I say excess because the ‘normal’ amount varies from person to person. You could help optimize your hormonal profile by adding M (an anti-estrogen) alongside the TRIBEX. Or going with Alpha Male from T-Nation.

Hope this gives you some helpful insight and good luck with your race!

Remember that it takes time to build up in the system, so for best effect, you might actually want to start taking it a month before you intend for the TRIBEX (or better yet, Alpha Male) to peak.