Peaking (for Reps)

how would it be best to peak for a 225 lbs rep test?

my current strategy is: not bench for a weekish before, save, perhaps, a few sets of low reps at or below 225# to ensure optimal recovery while maintaining motor pathways and probably not benching/pressing for at least 5 days beforehand at any weight


Well there’s that if you hadn’t already seen it.

I’ve read on the night before starting at say 5 p.m. you eat a pack of ramen noodles and I wanna say a gatorade but dont quote me on that part , every hour before you go to bed. Clay Matthews did this and it worked for him at the combine.

@cs - nice. learned a few things

@chobbs - i’d be a little worried about the salt but i like the general idea. also let’s not forget clay matthews worked out for a long time for the combine! but yeah, maximum carbs and electrolytes sounds about right. i wonder if the carbing can be over done

I think increases your salt intake is the point, but I have mediocre knowledge about food principles.