Peaking for Recruiting Camps

I play lacrosse and the regular season just ended and I now have six weeks before recruiting camps start. These camps will have a HUGE impact on where I go to college, and I want to be “peaking” for them. I’ve been lifting pretty steadily in season 2-3x a week but I still may have lost a little strength. I think my best bet would be to keep running to stay in game shape and lift with a program like WS4SB to regain any lost strength. Thoughts?

If it matters I’m 17, 6 foot 2 and 212 lbs.

which camps are you going to?

Westside For Skinny Bastards 3 on Joe Defranco’s website (googlie it if you can’t find it)

Run that up until a week before your camp, and the final week do the same workouts with 50% of the weight.

Honestly, strength really isn’t what they’re going to be looking for. Stick skills, speed, elusiveness, passing, vision etc…

Had a buddy sign with a big time division 2 lacrosse powerhouse. He wasn’t very big or strong, but he impressed scouts with his play. Luckily lacrosse isn’t like football where physical measurements sometimes mean more than field performance.

If I were you I would do the speed template on westside for skinny bastards 3, making sure that you practice shooting and stick skills daily.