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Peaking for my First Meet

4 weeks heavy 3x 4-5 reps high volume
3 weeks heavy 3x triples higher volume
2 weeks heavy 3x doubles up to a heavy single highest volume
1 week out hit your openers
rest until meet.

this is my first actual meet and I wanted to know if this would be a good plan. For this peak i will be using knee wraps for this sets. Please if you have any advice help me!

It would work. Its an old school linear program, and probably exactly what you’d get recommended if you asked a lifter from the 80’s to recommend you a program.

For my tastes, I’d rather follow something a lot more detailed especially since its your first meet. I am assuming you are going to add some assistance work in there and without a plan you are setting yourself up to have issues.

PS you told me in another post that you train @ Coliseum Gym. I know for a fact that several world-class lifters train there. If thats the case, why not train with them?

im prepping for a different meet. They all started their preps. i am 11 weeks out of this meet is there anything you can recommend for me. im going to be asking people there what i should do. one person told me to do ed coans peaking but its too late. its 12 weeks but i only have 11. I also would like to do a shorter peak since i love the program i am on.

Cube Method is 10 weeks (I believe). Candito’s is a 6-week peak. You could run 5/3/1 for 8 weeks. Read up on those and choose one.

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Personally, I believe anything outside of 4 weeks out you can do whatever concerning volume.

However, when you get to the 4 weeks out, cut out any heavy assistance work and volume in the main lifts. Focus more on heavy singles. Make them smooth and be able to man handle them. Focus on proper execution and technique. This is where the “sport specific” stuff comes in. All assistance work you do should be for recovery - aka: very light weight and high reps for a pump.

You don’t wanna go into a meet beat up. Stay fresh and work on getting your body ready for the heavy singles you’ll be doing.

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Buddy that don’t make no difference. You just gotta look at the philosophy behind the method rather than taking the numbers themselves as magical. The idea is simply to use your 10’s to build your 8’s, your 8’s to build your 5’s, your 5’s to build your triples, and your triples to build your 1RM. Just cut out one of the high rep weeks at the beginning; you’re still doing the exact same thing conceptually.

Having said that, if you like what you’re doing and it’s getting you stronger, just keep on with that. The layout you have in your OP is the same looking idea as the Coan peak anyhow. Looks like it would be fine.

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im already on a program and love it (greyskull)