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Peaking for Competition: Rest Week

In the past I’d take the week off leading into a meet, focus on hydration nutrition rest.

This time around, I was on vacation and had closer to two weeks off. Not that I can do anything about it now, but would you expect decreased performance at the meet relative to the standard 1 week?

I’m doing this one for fun, testing my maxes at a soft 10 - 15 lbs overweight so there’s no real pressure. Just curious what you guys think about rest periods.

You’re old bro!

For once, you’re going to be well rested, and not starved!

You are going to hit some BIG lifts at this meet.

Hahaa. . . Thanks (I think!!)

Well I’m totally down for some big lifts. I’m nervous but optimistic about my squat.

Stronger dudes have to rest longer!

Here’s a science graph to help your confidence.

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Ha! well that clears it right up. I’m going to go 9 for 9 and 3 PRs!

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