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Peaking for a meet

Does anyone modify their training the weeks or days before a meet? We’re having an informal gathering in a fortnight and I want to peak on my deads on that day.

Is there any benifit to performing work the day before or actually on the day of the meet to “potentiate” the nervous system for the upcoming lift?

Personally I was gonna max out on reverse band deads the day before but does anyone that competes have any ideas/advice?

p.s. gonna for 220-220kg for the deadlift if that helps!

i would deadlift less going into a meet. the deadlift is hard on the cns. i definitely wouldnt deadlift the day before or the day of. thats just nuts. you might as well run a marathon while your at it. let your training be the potentiator. you can do more to mess up your lifts in the last few days before than you can to get stronger.


I’ll give it a rest the couple of days before the meet.

cheers for the info, first time I’ve had to try and get it right on the day.


you want to rest to allow some fiber conversion :slight_smile:

Generally the last heavy deadlift session should be done 10 days before a meet. The last heavy bench press session can be done 5-7 days before a competition.

If you want to potentiate the nervous system you can try doing either a few sets of light power cleans (70%), if you are able to perform the movement efficently, or jumps squats (15-25% of max squat) the day before the competition. No more than 10 total reps will be necessary.

A week before the meet sleep as much as possible. If you do any workouts at all do very easy light weight shit. I definately wouldn’t do any lifting the day before a meet. As far as getting your nervous system “cranked” on meet day I would suggest caffine, ephedra, or whatever stimulants that work for you (a little extra “T” wouldn’t hurt either if you’re so inclined to use the stuff). Don’t make your warmups a workout in itself. Do enough to keep yourself warm and make your last pull in the warmup area no more than 80% of your opening lift. Have fun and good luck.

gotta agree with these guys and of course CT the man! last comp i stopped with heavy deads 7 days before and on my last workout before the comp (about 3 days before) i just did moderate triples, no heavy singles to potentiate but not fry the NS! on the day, i got a PR and new brit record :slight_smile:
let us know how you get on

ps. nice idea re:power cleans, may try that next time


I knew that you had reccomended some form of potentiation but couldn’t remember the guidelines.

I’ll perform the cleans and jump squats as said and let you all know how it goes.

That’s rather clean OR jump squats

oh OR, thought you meant both!

liverbird, how much did you do last time for the record, probably a lot more than the 200kg that I’m gonna get!

Sleep, now that shall be a priority next week.

cheers for all the help guys.

not quite that much!
sorry stu, i should have been more specific. i’m an 18 year old girl and my last comp was british juniors in july (i was 17 then). i deadlifted 140kgs. i currently weigh 66kilos but i was in the weight class above at the time.
i’ll join you in shooting for that 200 though!


ps. sleep is definitely underrated!

you’re 66kg and dead 140, that’s impressive man (sorry but a geordie so everything gets man on the end!)

curently weighing in around 90kg, so that makes your lift almost the same as mine per body weight.

I’ll be getting lots of sleep this week, apart from eddie izzard on wednesday night, yippee

cheers STU

cheers stu,
good luck with your deads, i expect no less than 220 ok! let us know how you do man (said in my best geordie accent!)

ps. are you doing all 3 PL lifts at this gathering or just DL?

just the deadlift, just an informal xmas gathering to test how well we are adapting to the westside method and i believe a 10min chat with Louie is the proze so extra incentive there then!

It looks like DrSTU is going to whip me… And then lift more than me in the Deadlift…haha…

I spoke to Beni last week and he said that we might be moving the day forward from 12pm to 10am.

I have no idea what I’m going to get with the Deadlift, as I’m doing the 9 keys program you don’t actually do your 1RM until the end of the nine weeks program so hopefully I’ll be a little bit of competition for you DrSTU.

I managed to get a 190kg box squat last Friday and I did a 150kg floor press last night. I seem to be progressing well. I think I’ll have a 200kg box squat before long and I really want to get a 200kg Bench at the end, but we’ll see how that goes…

See you on Saturday DrSTU.


Believe me I ain’t counting any chickens just yet, Beni’s money s still on you to get the biggest lift but I think I can give it a damn good go to beat you!

Should be fun no matter what the outcome, especially seeing Dan walk down the high street in a small pink t-shirt as he looks rather large at the moment!

a 200kg box squat is mighty fine as well and a 200kg bench is just sickening, I’ll be asking loads of questions on sat regarding the bench as my power seems to have gone up but not my max load, wierd, maybe I’m not straining enough in the max effort bench?

see you sat, we’ll aim for 10am, which means leaving leeds at stupid o’clock again, DOH


Well we didn’t have the meet in the end, due to some people not being able to attend - but we trained with Beni again at his gym.

We did max bench, bench with bands, box squat, max deadlift and then sled drag.

My bench was ok didn’t do a 1RM got up to 14Kg / 308lbs which is a little shy of my 1RM.

Did a bit of Bench band work, haven’t been doing any band work as yet but I’ve now bought the red mini bands to get my speed up. Like Beni said we’re all strong guys but our speed pretty much sucks…

Box Squatting - I did this with Beni the last time I came up to his gym but I did it again and my form pretty much sucked. The guy I train with came with us as well so at least he learnt from Beni and he can watch me and vice versa. I got it pretty much nailed at the end.

Deadlift 1RM - I managed to do 200kg / 440lbs - quite pleased with that as I’ve never tested it before. DrSTU managed 180kg as did my mate Lee but DrSTU was suffering from a cold so he did well to attend anyway.

Sled drag - Not to give excuses but my trainers were crap for getting grip. This was a humbling exercise. We had 180kg on the sled and we pulled it to the end of the road behind Beni’s gym and then back again. I just couldn’t get going at all - bloody useless. Lee and DrSTU did much better than me.

Once we’d done this we’d finished. I bought some bands and a Westside sweatshirt which I haven’t stopped wearing as yet.

Thanks again to Beni, very generous with his time and facility.

Good to meet DrSTU also and put a name with the face.

Another bloody good day with likeminded people.


Yeah, bit pissed about picking up that cold towards the end of the week so don’t feel I did justice to myself but gona make sure those bllody students i teach don’t give me a cold before next time!

Got my sled home and proceeded to drag that around a while and love it, looking forward to next time.


all the mini bands are the same tension. color doesnt matter.