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Peaking for a Contest

I have a strongman competition on AUG 20; how should I structure my training in order to “super-compensate” in time for the meet? In the past I have stopped training four days before the comp. Is this enough time? Too little? How do you guys train the week of a strongman comp?

Im very interested in this as well. I am setting up for my self two planned kind of Mock comps just so I can work this out find what is best for me to get the greatest performance.This is for PL and its all new So take my advice with a grain of salt.

I will be backing down somewhat two weeks prior. Still going heavy two days but no 1 rm prob 3 rm work. then will have two days the week of of full body compounds but light just going trough the motions most likely further cementing form addressing any issues WELL short of failure then 2-3 days out days out halt all training rest etc then hit it the mock comp.

That will be my first approach love to here others with some actual experience.