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Peaking at Meet?

I have a meet in mid November and looking for advice to max out the big three. Not trying to stay in a specific weight class either so weight gain isn’t a problem. The meet is 18 weeks away. My current maxes are:
Bench- 325
Squat- 425
Deadlift- 575
BW- 225

Workout routine
Deadlift- 2x5 at 495, 4x10 at 225
Pull-ups- 3x8
T-bar- 3 sets of what I feel that day

Military press 5x10 @ 135
Front Squat 5x5 @ 275
Flys + more assistance work

Bench 5x5 @ 285
Incline DB 3x10 @ 95
cable flys

Back Squat 5x5 365

kinda doing a watered down 5x5. If I complete the rep scheme I go up 5-10 ponds the following week on the big 3. Anyways anybody got any advice on a good routine 18 weeks out.

If it’s working, that looks fine. You’ll know closer (six to eight weeks) if you need to change much.