Peaking 3 Times In Year

I’m a 48 year old who hasn’t ran any cycles for 15 years but regularly trains and follows carb backloading protocols.I have made substantial physique changes recent,y through this approach.
I want to give another cycle ago as this year I’m getting married in Spain and want to look good for my stag do end of March in Spain and wedding end of May as well as honeymoon in August in Spain!

When I have ran cycles in last I have always crashed in PCT and lost most of gains , my body hates clomid and nolvadex and that’s probably why I havnt cycled for so many years .

Well I’ve done my research and have come up with this plan:
11 weeks before stag do
Masteron e 350 per week and test e 300 per week for 12 weeks with a 3 week test prop kick start of 300 per week

Then 2 weeks off everything before a test stasis taper of 100 per week mix of test e and masteron . this will take me up yo wedding in Spain at which point I will taper at 80 , 60’ 40,20 . I will add nolva when on 80 per week at 20mg per day for the 4 weeks till I taper off.

When completely off I will have 2 weeks of nothing then start a 8 week cycle similar to my first one above before honeymoon
What do you all think about this protocol for looking good for 3 big events in my life this year? Will i lose much of my gained size during the test stasis taper if diet and training are on point?

Anyone ? I’m new here!!!

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