Peak Week While on Keto - Male Bodybuilder

Does anyone have any peak week recommendations for a male bodybuilder on keto? What have you done that’s worked well for you?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Lots of competitors run a keto plan coupled with glycogen depleting workouts going into a show. So long as you don’t go crazy, Carbing up shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you have had carbs through most of your prep and only went true keto those last few days in preparation of a carb load.


Really appreciate you diving in to make a reply, Stu! Keto began a week ago and we are two weeks out from the show. Before that was lower carbohydrates (1g/lb). Decided to make the switch b/c progress stalled.

How do you recommend loading during the last week? Would total grams be based on how they were handled (or loaded) pre-keto?

Thank you again!

The body’s ability to uptake glucose at An Accelerated rate is Moreso the first 24 hours of a load than the second. As such, I would count on doing a majority of the work the day before your show and then playing it by eAr (judging how you look) the day of. I’ve heard figures that a depleted average adult male can store about 500-600 grams, but I’m always skeptical and prefer not to have an exact number in mind.

Still, banking on a good 400-500g load for someone weighing about 150-175 lbs and then focusing on “topping off” or even playing it safe Contest day is usually a pretty good ballpark.

I’m not a fan of those few individuals on social media bragging about loading in 1000g the day before just trying to get people riled. Nothing worse than ruining a 20 week prep on the last day by trying to be a badass.


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Thanks, Stu! It sounds like the Friday before a Saturday show (and then adding carbs in Saturday morning as well) is a solid approach. I agree with your load terms as well. I’ll give it a test run first then see how we fill out the days following. Thanks for all your help!

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