Peak Week Strategies for a Photo Shoot

interesting. I may try a few extra times in my next cut. Do you have numbers to go with that? mg/day?


just revisiting this thread. I did a 19 lbs water cut successfully a couple weeks ago for a contest, and while I was successful, I felt like I didn’t pee as much as maybe I should have, before I had to just roll with the hot baths. So I don’t believe I used my diuretics effectively. I didn’t try anything new, because I knew I could get this done using previous methods, but for my next show, I’m willing to try new things, so I’ll be introducing the Uva Ursi next time, along with starting diuretics earlier in the week.

So, I asked before, I’m assuming you didn’t see my question. How many mg’s of Uva Ursi and dandelion root do you use per dose, or per day, and when do you take your last dose when doing a water cut?