Peak Week and the Anabolic Diet

I am doing the AD to cut for a show right now ( as a lot of u know) . ANyway, I am really unsure how to do a peak week coming off of the AD. Has anyone used the AD to get ready for a show before, or had clients use it? How did you do their peak week?!! In the past I just started cutting my carbs everyday, then loading ( when carb cycling for my 1st show), but with the AD i am not sure what to do ! HELP ! thanks! Would love to hear anyones experiences using the AD for a show!

How many weeks out are you? If you have enough time then I would suggest just playing around with your carbs on your carb up to find what will work best.

pretty sure he describes it in his book, right?

i am 4 weeks out…

Only 4 weeks? Not much time to start planning new things eh?

I have not done the AD and not read up on it in detail - but i was under the impression it is carb restriction during the week and 1-2 days every 7-10 of carb re-feeds? Surely you would just time the show to fall on a re-feed.

So however you personally carb up for a show, do that plan instead of the normal AD re-feed?

Or possibly even the last week/2 week of the prep, drop the carbs to none and do your carb loading for the show only - missing one re-feed.

Or am i well out?

how did the show go?