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Peak vs. Trough Results. 100mg 1x weekly

What do you guys think of these numbers? (12 weeks into TRT)
100 mg once weekly, no AI, no HCG
Peak 48 hours post injection

Trough: 7th day, right before weekly injection

Should I stick to once weekly injections? Or go to twice a week at 50 mg each? I have no test for SHGB, or estrogen. Prolactin came back at 10, with a range of 4-19

It’s about how you are feeling. The numbers look good.

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It’s E2 what really matters when we talk about 1 or 2 inyections per week.

It must be fairly high. But I don’t have any symptoms really. None that I can quantify or that stand out. No raging libido is the I my thing I don’t like.

The first 3 are high. Should I be switching to 2x a wrk injection to lower these numbers?
100 mg once weekly currently (12) weeks in

If you’re thinking about 50mg twice weekly, think again because levels will be higher. I would do 40mg twice weekly. Leaving a stable state will see a reduction in all CBC labs within a week or less. You may even see a more dramatic reduction in HCT by injecting more frequently than twice weekly, my HCT was dramatically lower on daily injections.

I would also donate blood.

Nobody tests at peak because your body is responding somewhere between peak and trough or average, still though levels would still be too high.

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Yes you should be worried. Didn’t you just post some bloods where your TT and FT were over range. These bloods are the cost for running your T lvls over range.

Splitting your dose into two will do nothing for HCT. You need to go donate blood if they will take it and cut your weekly dose to something like 80 maybe even 60.

How much can dehydration affect hemoglobin and HCT?

Depends on the level of dehydration, but as much as 2-3% Hct.

I’m going tomorrow and doing the test again fully hydrated. I did this test fully fasted and no water.

Good study to read. Explains everything.