Peak Times of Different Steroids, Esters and Orals

Is there a chart or something out there with all the peak times and half life’s out there? Would orals all peak at 30-60 minutes? The only ones I could find is a couple test esters like Enanthate has a peak 10h after injection

All drug half life’s can be found pretty accurately thru Wikipedia or the MD drugs website.

Google steroid calculator and there should be some results that come up that graph peaks and what not of almost all the various steroids

The time to peak concentration is the hardest to find I’ve found. I’ve never found an oral one until just now. The graph showed Anadrol peaks at about 200 minutes

Intresting because anadrol is often taken as a pre-workout aprox 45 mins before training…which leads me to say don’t get consumed by the peak.

For example test E reaches a peak at around 8-10 weeks I believe. But at around 6 weeks you hit a point where you may not be at a “peak” but the difference is miniscule.

Just curious why are you interested in oral peaks? There is only a couple orals that come to mind as pre workouts (anadrol being one of them) but I would not wait 200 minutes after taking if your taking for a PW purpose. Remember a peak is always followed by a dip.

I would assume it’s taken 45 minutes prior so it’s rising during the workout to go longer and push harder towards the end of a workout. Then it peaks post workout when you’d be be eating a high protein meal or shake

The test E after an injection peaks at 10 hours so after that 10 hours it drops until the next injection then spikes up again. The peak would be more important for short esters and orals.

I’ve also heard varying opinions on when to dose orals. Some say all at once like preworkout causing a massive spike or spread out causing a smaller amount throughout the day

Well remember as I said a peak is followed immediately by a dip. So I would see no benefit of basing anything around an anadrol peak but as you said the rise is what I think is more important.

I was speaking on when testosterone blood levels reach a steady peak or plateau when using the enanthate ester. You might peak 10 hrs after each shot but due to half life’s and constant building the blood levels will constantly be rising until about that 8-10 week mark I believe. But a few weeks prior they will be fairly close.

I think it depends greatly on the oral and the effects it has. For instance I see no big reason to split winstrol or anavar up. But if I were to take dbol I probably would split the doses.

If taking anadrol it depends if your using it for PW purposes or not. I see some people take 75mg PW and that’s it and others take 25mg twice a day. Or 50mg twice a day.

Then it also depends on how you handle certain doses as far as stomach issues. Taking 75mg of anadrol might not sit to well with some

8 weeks? So you’re basically peaking for another 4, maybe 8 weeks if you go up to 12, and 16 respectively.

Wouldn’t this make Test E cycles best at around 20 weeks?

I certainly think so. I think 16 weeks 20 tops. Altho that’s not the “standard” first cycle here so I try not to voice my opinion too much because it’s not whats popular. Plus it’s also just my opinion and the fact is you can make great gains in 12 weks

I imagine the recovery of your balls would take significantly longer after 20 weeks on, and also higher risk of things never returning vs 12 weeks and so I wonder if that’s where the traditional 12 week cycle became popular, eh?

I think the recovery from 12 weeks would look almost if not identical to 20 weeks.

I have no scientific data to back this up just my belief.

Also 12 weeks is the popular belief here. There is many other places and people who agree longer cycles are more productive.

Your shutting yourself down that’s a fact when you do this you risk never recovering altho if done properly that’s rare. So now you look at the cycle I personally believe a significant amount more gains can be made with a 16 - 20 week cycle vs 12. I don’t think the additional 4-8 weeks decrease recovery rates if you don’t recover from 20 weeks you were not going to recover from 12. So now it comes down to getting the most out of the risk of not recovering and I think that’s best done with longer cycle.

These are my beliefs you will notice I don’t reccomend cycle lengths to people here really. I will give my input on cycles and answer questions when asked and voice my opinion and beliefs but if someone says I’m doing a 12 week cycle I’m not going to say “no you need to run it 20 weeks” because that’s just my opinion it doesn’t make it right.

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