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Peak Performance

Todays generation of athletes are becoming bigger, stronger, and faster than ever before. To get to that next level athletes must have a structured on/off season workout regimen including strength, endurance, flexability, balance, core, explosiveness and speed & agility. They can no longer rely on just natural talent and skill, this will only take you so far in todays athletics.

You take your average NHL hockey player most people think hes probably spending all his money on beer and drugs. Mabye this was not such a myth 20 years ago but now most players spend the whole year and summer practicing and training for optimal peak performance.

Take Garry Roberts for example “The Fitness Guru of Hockey” this guy is the apitomy of fitness at 39 years old who do you know in your gym who can deadlift 235 lbs free weight while standing on an hockey wobble board for reps of 15-20. Who else in your gym can do wide grip pull ups with a 50lb. dumbell between their legs for reps of 10, the answer not many.

I can tell you since I started training athletes 4-5 years ago I will never go back to just a plain old body building or power lifting routine. I now train exactly how my athletes train and I have never been in better shape especially at 32 years old. I am 195 lbs 5’ 10 at 7 % BF.I have the heaviest squat and bench at our gym, I also have a ridiculous vertical and no one can even come close to me in a 100 meter sprint.

Why not combine all the bests of the bests. Power lifting + Body Building + Explosiveness + Speed & Agility + Core + Flexability + Muscle Endurance all in a different phase set up structured workout, (like an athlete trains) By training like this you can reep the benfits of all these above fudamentals.

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If you ask me athletes are athletes because the train all year long for that situational moment when things could go wrong and for that glorious championship second when things may go right.