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Peak After Injection

This is my first time to post here.
I do not have all results back yet from doc.
8 weeks ago I started injections, 200MG every 2 weeks.
The first week was good, but by the end of the 2 week, I was crashing.
So I started to inject 100 MG every week. Didn’t ask the doc.,I just did it.
Started on a Monday, So I take my injections every Monday.
I had my 8 week retest on 10-29-12(This past Monday) before shot.
Nurse called me and said my T # was at 474.

My question is, When should I hit my highest level after the shot?

Peak is 1-2 days after the injection. Testing after one week is bogus. Test 1/2 way between, that is more representative. Inject twice a week. Read the stickies, that is the best way to learn what you need to understand.

Why do you care when the peak is? Guys with good hormone states have mostly steady T levels. You should seek to be near that with your TRT.

The reason is, my doc said she wanted me around 900.
i was at 7 days after the injection of 100mg shot when she done the test.
She said i could increase the injection to 200mg per week and
get retested after 4 weeks to see where it would be.
Or i could stay at the same amount for 3 months and then retest.

You do not want to be at 900 one week after injecting. 900 would be great testing 1/2 between injections twice a week. Please read the stickies.