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Pdf Form on a Mac?


Hi guys hoping some of the more tech savvy people might be able to help me on here..

I am applying for a job and the company sent me out a pdf application that I can fill in and edit. I completed the whole app and sent it off, but just got an email back saying that it was incomplete apart from the tick boxes.
I completed it on a MAC and i'm pretty sure that she would have opened it on a windows PC so does anyone know why this is and what I could do to rectify it?

Thanks in advanced!


Another reason to stick to PC's. Ha.

Do you have the latest version of Adobe Reader?

Can you fill out the form, print it to another document and then send her that?


Open the completed form in Preview, check its all filled in correctly, go to File>Save As and select an image filetype like JPEG.


Macs rule!!!

I just ended up retyping it on my old windows PC as I had to get it off quickly. Absolutely ridiculous that I had to do that!


When I tried that it only saved the page I was on at the time, it wouldn't convert the whole doc!!!


Well that's one job you won't be getting. I can hear the lady in human resources now: "This dumbass can't even fill out an application and he thinks I'm going to hire him?"

LOL. Just kidding bro.

But not really, you prolly aren't getting the job.


Haha, yeah I'm pretty sure you're right! Ah well, it's lucky we have such a ripe economy. I literally can pick and choose jobs at my whim :s


That's the spirit old chap!


The irony in this post is just awesome!


LOL I agree.


and deliberate.