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PDA's for training

Are there are personal trainers/ strength coaches that use PDA’s like Palm/iPac etc to track clients progress (or even ther own progress). Do you find them usefull or more of a pain in the ass than anything else? I’m looking to get one more as a diary, but was interesed in using for tracking clients progress too. Any comments?

I think that a Palm would be more difficult. Maybe a laptop would be better that way you can create an individual file for all your customers more easily. I use MS Excel to archive my progress and keep a daily calorie counter.

I use my old PalmIII as my training log. I have quickoffice which allows me to use excel spreadsheets on my PDA. My training log is set up 7 weeks in advance, (I use HST) so if I neet to make changes in poundages on the fly the next time I sync, they will be changed on the master sheet. I also have big clock on the PDA for a set timer plus the calculator for setting up poundages, as I am bad with math. Much better than a clipboard in my opinion.

Go for a windows based, they have a excel, word etc. I want to get one my self it be much easier to keep the food/training logs in there.