PDA fitness programs

Has anyone used any of the software for PDA’s for training/nutrition tracking? Is it practical or just a novelty?

i’ve used a smally 3 x 5 notebook for training for the last 5 years or so. you don’t need a pda.

I agree with pete. However, I do use Microsoft Excel, on my home computer, to keep a history of my workouts and diet. However, I only use a notebook for my workouts that I take to the gym. I have accidentally dropped dumbells on it a couple times. Imagine if that was a $150 PDA!

I know a few guys who love their PDA’s. Personally I prefere good old pen and paper. But I will admit I have been using my computer to do some calculations and charts concerning things like gains in weight, strength, volume, ect. So maybe they would have some advantages. Just keeping a journal of some kind is the most important thing.

Keep Trainin’ Hard T-Brother

I have tried some of the “freeware” out there and I will say DON’T TOUCH THE FREEWARE it will crash your palm (I use the samsung i300 phone/pda and they always crashed my palm and made me have to do a reset). I just added a freeware “diary” program and I use that. It takes more time, I write down my wts and exercises before hand and just write down the reps at the gym, but it doesn’t crash my palm. I don’t know about the ones you pay for (I heard that the body for life program is actually real good but I have not used it)because I have not tried any.