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Pcts, Cycle, While on TRT

If someone is on TRT and wants to run a cycle to put on a few pounds would that person need to use pcts after the cycle or just come off the cycle and continue with the normal TRT regimen?

I don’t know much about this. How long is a cycle? How much T would you be using per week? From my understanding, a pct is to help your body recover its natural T production after using steroids. If you are already on TRT, your body is no longer making its own T, so wouldn’t that negate the need for a pct? Again, I know very little about this subject.

It is called blast and cruise, recovery is not an issue or concern. You may feel a let down with less T for a while. The higher amounts of T could easily create E2 issues and for some, hematocrit might be a problem.

That’s what I was thinking, like you said if your on TRT your not making your own/or not enough so you wouldn’t need the pcts to boost production post cycle. I was just curious if the pcts did anything else that helped post cycle.
Like 120mg test per week on TRT
Maybe 400-600mg test for 5-6 weeks
Going back to the normal TRT with no pct should you taper down to the 120 over a couple weeks or just drop down to your normal dose and move on.

Again I have no knowledge of this subject, but common sense say tapering is not necessary because you’ll be going from supra physiologic levels to high normal levels. A taper might make sense if you were going from crazy high levels to way below normal levels. AGAIN, this is just a guess.

What will you do to control the E2 during the blast?

Also, will you really gain much size on a blast that short? How many times can you get to the gym in 6 weeks? 18-24? That doesn’t seem like enough time to really grow much.

One might feel better tapering for a softer landing.
When doing this you might spoil your ability to feel good on your TRT dose.

@KSman Do you think this is just an effect of knowing how good it feels when taking much more, or does blasting actually lower the effectiveness of your TRT dose? From what I can tell in my research there is little to no evidence to suggest that down-regulation of the androgen receptors occurs from high test does, so unless there is some other mechanism at play I’d suspect this effect is mostly psychological.

What are your thoughts?