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I need a good cheap source for pct. PM me please (nolva / clomid)

preferably canadian but not a must.


is pharmaeurope legit? also any other good sources?


Check you PMs. It's not Canadian but they ship to Canada everyday.


thanks papi


hey papi, that site doesnt have nolva pills which is mainly what im looking for :x



Pharma are 100% legit. As are United Pharmacy, but they are more expensive than a lot of sites. There are also the AG-Guys who can send you..ahem.. [b]research chemicals[/b]. I've PM'd you their URL.



thanks guys, im mainly looking for orals as i do not want to inject


All the AG-Guys stuff is to be taken orally, you don't inject it.


so u drink the liquid?




ya rude thanks alot, so much cheaper. Do they accept money orders or is credit card ok? Whats the best payment option? Also "Clomiphene Citrate" = clomid?


thanks alot man, and i dont think i want my hamsters runnin around all excited.


Maybe not, but you'll be impressed with how much they can eventually bench.


quick question, for example nolva, if i were taking 60mg a day of the liquid, would i drink 20mg 3 times a day, or all at once. From what ive read it seems like all at once.


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ok thanks bushy, hey on a side note im doing a 3 week, 20mg a day superdrol cycle. For pct i was thinking nolva 60mg a day for a week, than 40 than 20, opinions?


Another research chem company will be opening up around April 7th. From what I have heard and seen - these guys will be hard to beat on price.



Thanks a million man, just another question, is nolva the only thing you recommend pct, or should i invest in some clomid or arimidex as well?


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yea i know to make sure to have everything first, i am ordering the pct stuff i need on weds, because i will be home from school for the day. So the only questions i have left are:

1) Is nolva only a good idea or what other drugs would u recommend? (arimidex, clomid etc.)

2) What dosing protocol should i follow?