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Is there any benefit to combining Clomid and Nolva post cycle? I had never used nolva before, strictly clomid, but after the last 10 week AAS cycle I just did I loaded up with my usual 300mg clomid day 1 and then to 100mg thereafter. I have the nolva as well and have been taking 40mg/day. By combining these two am I doing any harm to my recovery? Should I save the nolva for later or vice/versa?


I don't think running both will hurt you at all, except in the wallet. I would just run Nolva PCT.


cmon now, just a little more help please!


it depends, if you have used; primo, winny, or eq, perhaps you do not need to use nolva. if you have used test, anadrol etc, surer that you have to use nolva, hcg too (ovidrel, profasi, repronex, gonal f etc).


Prock, I really don't think there's any advantage to using both at the same time; they both basically work through the same mechanism. I'd say that Clomid is the stronger booster of endogenous test. I usually do something like this:

day 1: Clomid, 300 mg.
days2-14: Clomid, 150 mg.
day 15: Nolva, 80 mg.
days 16-28: Nolva, 40 mg.

This allows you to use both Clomid and Nolva, as there is still some controversy as to which one is superior for PCT. Also, as you're limiting use of each drug to two weeks you can use pretty high dosages with less chance for side effects.