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Are there any T-mag articles covering PCT? I am looking for a protocol involving HCG and Nolvadex. Since reading that Nolva can be used instead of Clomid, and can be better in some ways I will go with Nolva. Also its more economical and that is an issue right now. Thanks.

Search on some of Cy Willson’s stuff. There are several opinions on this. Many think you need clomid, nolv and arimidex while on with HCG 500IU 2x/week. Discontinue arim and HCG when off and continue nolv and clom. Some still take arim while off at 0.25mg ED or EOD. It depends on what restores you the best. If clom gives you too many sides, as it does me, nolv is a decent substitute, but many think both is best.