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PCT without SARMS


Why?: SARMS detection time for athlete blood tests is too long (2-5 months depending where you read).

Alternative?: HCG and Arimidex?

Hypothetical rapid clearance cycle:

W 1 Day 1 - 400mg Test-Susp (front loading, split into 2 doses)
W 1-8 - 100mg Test-Susp ED (clear within 3 days)
W 1 Day 1 - 2mg Arimidex (front loading, split into 2 doses)
W 1-8 - 0.5mg Arimidex ED (adjust dose to tolerance, clear within 2 weeks)
W 1-8 - 250iu HCG 3x/wk M/W/F (Clear within 2 weeks max)

How to come off this using only the HCG and Arimidex?
Extend Arimidex and HCG beyond week 8 into PCT?
Does anyone know of any articles or discussions on this topic?